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Lending Periods, Renewals, and Fines


Lending periods:

The lending period for items is 2 weeks.



Most items may be renewed twice, and will be renewed automatically, unless another patron has placed a request for the item. 

Items may be renewed at the library, by phone, or on the Minuteman Library Network website. To renew items via the website, log onto your account at


There are no overdue fines at the Maynard Public Library. There are replacement fees for lost or damaged items. Please see details in the section below.

When the library is closed, items may be returned via the book-drop slot located to the side of the entrance doorway to the library. The entrance doorway is on the parking lot side of the building.

No more overdue fines!


What does this mean?

  • You will no longer receive a daily late fine on overdue items checked out at Maynard Public Library.

  • Existing overdue fines for items checked out at Maynard Public Library in the past have been forgiven, and the fines have been removed from patron accounts.

  • You are still responsible for returning your items. If they are lost or damaged, you will be billed a replacement fee. Some libraries allow patrons to purchase a new exact copy of the item instead of paying the replacement fee. Please check with us before buying a replacement!

  • The library will send you a series of reminders to return your items. Items that are overdue by 42 days or more will be considered lost and a bill will be issued.

Why is the library doing this?

  • We want to increase library access for the community, not decrease it. We hope this will encourage prior patrons to return to the library and new patrons to experience what the library has to offer.

  • In 2019, the American Library Association urged libraries to move towards eliminating fines because they create “a barrier to access of library materials and services.”

  • Managing the system of overdue fines is not the best use of valuable staff time.

  • We think there are better ways to generate revenue to support the library.

Will I still owe overdue fines on items from other libraries in the Minuteman Library Network (MLN)?

Overdue fines are based on the policies of the library where you physically check out the item. If you check out a book belonging to another MLN library at the Maynard Public Library, the policies of Maynard apply. If you go to another MLN library and check out an item—whether it’s from their collection or Maynard’s—the policies of that other town’s library apply, even if you return the item in Maynard. Fines are determined by check-out location, not return location.

I always thought of paying my fines as my donation to the library. Can I still donate?

Yes. Donations to the library can be made through the Friends of the Maynard Public Library, either online at maynardpubliclibrary/join-friends or by sending a check to Friends of the Maynard Public Library, 77 Nason Street, Maynard, MA 01754. Your donation will support library collections, programs, and services. Thank you!

What is the cost of this change to Maynard taxpayers?

This change will cost Maynard taxpayers $0. The library is not receiving an increase in its general budget from the town to make up for the absence of revenue from overdue fines.

July 2021

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