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2022 Children's Summer Reading Club

June 23 - August 13th

You can't fly or outrun trains
Like some superheroes could
But you can join the Reading Club
And that's almost as good!
-Mr. Mark

Dear Kids:

     Congratulations! All together you read for over 3,100 hours in 2021! That would be like all of you reading one at a time for over 4 months nonstop! Can you read even more this year?

If you join the summer reading club you'll get to:

a. Spin the Summer Reading Prize Wheel - if you read for 2 1/2 hours a week. (Wheel spinning will be outdoors - follow the link on Beanstack to schedule a time)

b. Qualify for the grand raffle with a chance to win The Big One - a bicycle, if you read for 24 hours over six weeks.

c. Become really, really smart and boss everyone around - okay the "smart" part is true - the "boss" part is not!

And how about.....

Tuesdays - 10:30am - Outdoor Storytime - in Memorial Park (ages 3 and over) - Begins July 5.

Click here to log your reading!

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There's an App for Summer Reading!

Available in the App Store and Google Play

Need help using Beanstack?

Using Beanstack Guide

Using the Beanstack App


Reading and Reporting Dates

Summer Readers can begin logging their reading on June 23.

Reporting Dates: Log online with Beanstack this year! Paper logs are available for personal use.

Spin the Wheel:  The Prize Wheel is back! Spin the wheel by on Wednesdays, Thursday, or Friday each week, with four Saturday Spins scheduled. Simply read two and a half hours Monday through Sunday and log them on Beanstack before 11:59pm on Sunday night to qualify! There are weekly Logging Badges to help you track your progress towards each wheel spin.

Didn't read for two and a half hours? Stop by to chat with Mr. Mark and pick up the weekly prize for the reading you did do!

The Prize Wheel will be set up outside on the patio (to the right of the book drop) on:

Wednesdays, 2:30-4:30 pm

Thursdays, 3:00-6:00 pm

Fridays, 2:00-3:45pm.

Saturdays July 16, 23, August 6, 13, 10:30 am -12:00 pm

We are requiring signups using to ensure there is enough time for everyone to spin. Sign-up for Wheel Spinning Here

Summer Activities


Summer Events

Scavenger Hunts

Ice Cream Tour Scavenger Hunt

Beings Tuesday, July 5

You'll win yourself a badge

And crack this code quite quickly

If you find all the clues

And don't let things get "sticky!"


Find all the clues to crack the code and solve the riddle. 

All the clues to crack the code of this scavenger hunt will be hidden around the picture book section (no on the other parts of the 3rd floor). Each of the clues has on it a letter and a number. Write the letter above the matching number on the code sheet. Fill out all sixteen clues to answer this cryptic code and solve the riddle.

Daily Cryptid Scavenger Hunt

Begins Monday, June 27

A pair of the most famous cryptids in the world - a yeti and the Loch Ness Monster - have decided to spend their summer at the Maynard Public Library! Each day, they will be hiding in a new place, and they can be on any of the three floors.

Nature Bingo

Begins Tuesday, July 5

Celebrate Summer by completing activities, reading books, and going on an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt to achieve Bingo!

Bring your completed Bingo card to the library for a small prize.

Bingo cards will be available at all three desks or for download beginning July 5, and must be returned by August 20. You can get Bingo multiple times. Open to all ages.

Beanstack Activity Badges

For more activities to try over the summer, check out Mr. Mark's Activity Badges on Beanstack!

Record Breaking Challenge

Photo Challenge

Puzzle Project

Coloring Fun

Do Something Fun

(Virtual) Mind Benders

Summer Take & Make Kits

Kits available while supplies last.

Wednesday, June 15: Buggles Magnet Kit

Wednesday, June 29: Glow-in-the-Dark Bug Kit

Wednesday, July 13: Tiny Art Show Kit (see below for more info)

Wednesday, July 27: DIY Stickers Kit

Wednesday, August 10: Camping-themed Frames Kit

Wednesday, August 17: Duct Tape Desk Organizer Kit

Annual Read-a-Thon

Thursday, June 23, 2022

10:00-1:00pm at Memorial Park

(Rain location: 3rd Floor of the Library)

For the Read-a-thon you'll get to:

a. Read to raise money for children's programs like animal and music shows

b. Get to eat free pizza and drinks

c. Get your name in the paper (and feel like a big shot)

d. Read live and in-person outdoors (June 23) and continue over the weekend in your house (June 24-26)


Get pledges from friends and family for each page that you read (ex. $.05 or $.10 cents a page).

Donate to the "Friends of the Maynard Public Library"

**Crucial Announcement**

Donate $10 and win a gift certificate from Erikson's - Donate $50 or more to win three Erikson's certificates.

Click here to download the pledge sheet.

Summer Reading Club Kick-Off Movie Event

Wednesday, June 29

10:30 AM at the Fine Arts Theatre


Get ready, gang. All of the members of our Maynard Public Library Summer Reading Club are invited to the Fine Arts Theatre for an exclusive FREE screening of a first-run motion picture. 

If you join the Club, you'll be given elite access to meet in the lobby of the theare between 10:30 - 11:00 am and we'll all be viewing the new Disney adventure.... Lightyear! (subject to change).

But don't forget, as soon as the movie's over, it's time to start reading.

Tiny Art Show

Kits available beginning Wednesday, July 13

In-person Painting Events:

Tuesday, July 19, 6:30-8:00pm

Saturday, July 23, 10:30am-12:30pm


Roosevelt Room Gallery Show: Thursday, August 4 - Saturday, August 20

Paint a 3"x3" canvas at home or attend one of the two in-person painting events. Return the artwork by Saturday, July 30 for it to be included in a gallery show in the Roosevelt Room.


Open to all ages! No registration needed.

The Maynard Truck Parade

Wednesday, July 20

11:30am at the Maynard High School Field

(Rain date: July 27 at 11:30am at the High School Field)


What are our two favorite things in the world - books and trucks, right? But we can't fit the trucks in the library so you're all invited to the Maynard High School field to view the second annual Truck Parade. We'll all be watching as the fire trucks, rescue vehicles, police cars, dump trucks, diggers and the most important truck, what am I talking about, the ice cream truck drive around us in a big procession - a true vehicular vista! Afterwards, we'll all line up behind the two, yes, two ice cream trucks for not just ice cream - FREE ice cream.

Outdoor Art

Thursday, July 28

2:00-3:30pm on the Library's Front Lawn

(Rain date: July 29)


Dress for a mess! Make shadow art and watercolor squirt art. Make bubble wands - and bubbles! Take photos using a cardboard Nature frame, and decorate the path around the library using sidewalk chalk. 

Ages 3-18, no registration needed. 

Creatures of the Night presented by The Squam Lake Animal Show

Wednesday, August 3

10:30 AM at the Green Meadow Playground


We've invited some special guests to come to the Green Meadow School playground for a free, exotic show. That's right, we'll be visited by the "Creatures of the Night," an owl, an opossum, and a porcupine. These are normally nocturnal creatures that only come out at night. But for us, they're making an exception to their rule and will visit during the day. Don't let these terrific creatures down!

Registration coming soon.

End-of-Summer Pool Party & Raffle Extravaganza 

Date & Time TBA

At the Thoreau Club

What are our two favorite summer activities - reading and swimming, of course. At this event you'll have the chance to do both - not at the same time, hopefully. 

To celebrate all the great reading everybody did, we're all heading yes, to the Thoreau Club for our end-of-summer pool party and raffle. We'll take a nice dip in the pool and when we're through swimming, it'll be time for the Final Raffle. Everyone who read for at least 24 hours over the six weeks of the program will qualify and one lucky reader will drive off with the grand prize, the Big One - a bicycle!

More information and registration coming soon.

Many thanks to...

Read Beyond the Beaten Path, the Massachusetts Statewide Summer Library Program, is funded by the Massachusetts Library System, the Boston Bruins, and the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners. It is also sponsored by the Friends of the Maynard Public Library, the Institute of Museum and Library Services with support from the National Women’s Hockey League team Boston Pride.

The theme of "Read Beyond the Beaten Path" and related artwork is provided iRead and the Illinois Library Association. Artwork used in the Children's program was created by Jessica Gibson and Steenz.

Also many thanks to all those who donated prizes for weekly prizes, the Prize Wheel, and the Final Raffle.

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