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Exhibits at the Library

Exhibit Policy



The Roosevelt Room is available as a public service to give the Maynard community access to educational and cultural opportunities through programs, meetings, special events, and exhibits. Items are displayed in the Roosevelt Room for the enjoyment and education of Maynard Public Library patrons and to showcase the work of local-area artists and craftspeople. The Trustees of the Maynard Public Library have adopted this policy to address exhibits in the Roosevelt Room. The Trustees reserve the right to change or amend this policy.


The space

The Roosevelt Room has wall space on which items may be hung. Items considered for hanging are limited to those that can be hung from the picture rail. The room has no provisions (such as pedestals or display cases) for three-dimensional work.


Applicants approved for exhibitions proceed with the understanding that the space is used regularly for meetings and programs by people of all ages, including young children. Because the room is not staffed, there is a risk of damage from individuals using the space. The Trustees of the Maynard Public Library and the staff of the Library are not responsible for the safety and care of items on display. We encourage applicants to view the space before planning an exhibit.


Library and town use of the exhibit area takes precedence over any other use and receives first choice of dates. In the unlikely event that the library or town should require the exhibit space for its own use, the Library has the right to preempt the space.


Who may apply for an exhibit?

Applications for the use of the Roosevelt Room for an exhibit may be submitted by individuals, groups, nonprofit organizations, and local schools. Priority will be given to applicants from Maynard and neighboring towns. For group exhibits, one person from the group should be designated as the contact person with the Library.


In an effort to be as equitable as possible, no person or group may exhibit more than once per year. Exceptions may be made for Town departments and for displays of information critical to the citizens of Maynard.


Application procedures

Interested exhibitors must complete and submit the required application form and provide the Library Director with images of three examples of the work to be displayed. The Library Director will review the materials and notify the applicant of a decision.



Exhibits should be appropriate in scale, material, form, and content for the Library environment. The Library does not accept exhibits of a purely commercial nature, and the exhibit space may not be used to advertise a commercial enterprise. No displays will be allowed that promote religious or political beliefs. Items on display must be appropriate for people in all age groups, viewing in a public place. The Library reserves the right to remove items from an exhibit on the above grounds or if they are a possible safety hazard, are too large or otherwise inappropriate for the space, create a maintenance problem, exceed acceptable noise or light levels, or interfere with the public service or other library activities in the area. If a planned exhibit contains elements that may be of concern under this policy, the exhibitor should discuss it with the Library Director in advance of the installation date.


Exhibit approval

Approval of any exhibit rests with the Library Director and will be based on the quality of the exhibit and its interest to the community. Acceptance of an exhibit does not imply Library endorsement of the opinions or viewpoints of the exhibitor. The Library does not accept responsibility for ensuring that all points of view are represented in any single exhibit. An applicant whose proposal is not approved by the Library Director may appeal to the Board of Library Trustees. The decision by the Board of Library Trustees will be final.


Duration of exhibit

Most exhibits will be installed for one or two months, but shorter or longer periods may also be considered. Applicants may indicate their preference for duration on their application, and the final decision will be made by the Library Director based on room scheduling and interest to the community.


Installation and removal

The exhibitor must coordinate dates and times for installing and removing an exhibit with the Library Director. The exhibitor shall install and remove the exhibit promptly on the agreed-upon dates. The Library has the right to remove exhibit materials if they are not picked up by the agreed-upon date. Exhibit materials may be disposed of if not claimed within 30 days.


Library staff is not available to assist with installing and removing exhibits. Hanging devices and a ladder are provided. Exhibitors must use the Library’s hanging devices or other approved method. No additional hooks, nails, screws, or similar fasteners may be attached to the walls of the Library. Labels or other signage must be attached to the wall using removable painter’s tape. The Library Director must approve any exhibitor-provided lighting or other exhibit-enhancing material. Any repair or reimbursement of damage to Library property resulting from exhibitor use is the responsibility of the exhibitor and will be charged to them.


Loss or damage

Neither the Library nor the Town of Maynard is responsible for loss or damage to any items on display. The Library does not insure any exhibits. Exhibitors assume full responsibility for loss or damage to items and must sign the release included on the application form.


Viewing hours

The exhibit area is open to the public only during the regular open hours of the Library unless by special arrangement with the Library Director. Exhibits will not be available for public viewing during meetings and programs in the Roosevelt Room.



The Library will publicize the exhibit on its website and social media. All other publicity is the responsibility of the exhibitor. Exhibitors should check current library hours, as well as events scheduled for the Roosevelt Room, when preparing publicity.



The Library does not charge exhibitors a fee for exhibiting in the space. Exhibitors may not charge an admission fee or request a donation for viewing the exhibit.


Sale of exhibit items

Exhibiting artists may include a price list, if any items on exhibit are for sale. All items must be listed on one price list that is posted in the room. Artists should include their name and email address or phone number on the list so they may be contacted by any interested party. Exhibitors may also make a supply of business cards available in the Roosevelt Room. The Library staff cannot be involved in sales of items from the exhibit. Any items sold during an exhibit period shall remain on display until all items are scheduled to be removed.


Exhibit events

Events connected with an exhibit must be approved by and scheduled with the Library Director. Given the location of the space within the Library, it is the exhibitor’s responsibility during an event to keep noise in the exhibit area to a minimum and to restrict the gathering to the Roosevelt Room. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the Library.


Approved February 22, 2022

Complete and submit application form

(Applicants who have had an exhibit at the Library within the past year are asked to wait two years from that date to apply for another exhibit. Exceptions may be made for Town departments and for displays of information critical to the citizens of Maynard.)

"Avian Show-Off" by Bob Cooke (Assabet Valley Camera Club Exhibit, August 29-September 26, 2022) and "Slanted Light" by Joyce McJilton Dwyer (Nature Heals exhibit, October 1-31, 2022)

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