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Book, CD, and DVD Donations
We are glad to accept contributions which meet the requirements outlined below.
Items which can be used by the library are added to the library collection for the public to check out.
Other items will be sold by the Friends of the Library at used book sales.
Books need to be in good condition--clean enough that you would buy them yourself for your house. We accept books, books on CD, DVDs, and music on CD.

Because we are unable to sell them, we are unable to accept the following items: 

  • Magazines (they may be contributed to the "free magazine exchange box" near the first floor stairwell)

  • "Series" books (Encyclopedias, Time-Life series, etc.)

  • Books with water damage or that have ANY mold or odor (this often comes from storage in cellars or garages)

  • Books with writing in them (underlining, coloring, etc.)

  • Damaged books (warped, bent, missing covers, etc.)

  • Travel or computer books more than 5 years old.

  • Condensed books or ex-library books.

  • Textbooks, anthologies, and similar "school" books.

You can drop off donations anytime the library is open, but please do not leave them outside. Go past the circulation desk to the stairwell on the right. If you see some boxes and book racks, you're in the right place! Most years, we run out of storage space in August and can no longer take donations then. Thanks for understanding!

Please be considerate by not leaving donations when the library is closed.

Thank you for your donation! All funds raised from the sales are used by the Friends of the Maynard Public Library to directly support the library. The Friends underwrite 100% of the Museum Pass program, provide free educational and entertainment programs throughout the year, fund the Kanopy film streaming service, and contribute to the annual summer concert and physical improvements to the library. The Friends have no paid employees.

Have too many books?

Consider donating them!

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