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Access to Justice Through the Maynard Public Library

The Maynard Public Library is proud to partner with the Massachusetts Trial Court System to offer virtual court access through the Access to Justice (A2J) program. Please scroll down to learn how to reserve a room and laptop at the Library.

Access to Justice provides you with access to court resources via the comfort and convenience of your local library. Through A2J, you can get help from the Virtual Court Service Center, find legal information, look up case information, join a remote court hearing, or get help from the Virtual Front Desk at the Housing Court or Probate and Family Court.

Visit the Access to Justice website, or choose from the most-requested services below.

Free interpreter services are available through the Office of Language Access.


Already have a Meeting ID to attend court remotely? Click here.

Otherwise please select an option below or visit the full Access to Justice website.

Reserve a library space to attend court remotely


Quiet, private rooms are available at the library to attend court remotely using a library computer. The Trustees Room is recommended as it is the most private, but the Cullen Room is also available for reservations. 

To reserve a room and laptop for the Access to Justice program, request a reservation online here or call the library at 978-897-1010 x103.

Please try to reserve your room in advance and please let us know if you have to cancel so we can make the room available to someone else.

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