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Meeting Room Policies


The primary purpose of the Library’s meeting rooms is to provide space for library-sponsored activities. When the meeting rooms are not reserved for this purpose, the library permits their use by groups and organizations sponsoring civic, cultural, and educational events. Under specific circumstances, the meeting rooms may be reserved by an individual.


Non-library groups should not reserve the meeting rooms more than once a month.


The Library Meeting Rooms are defined as:

The Roosevelt Room, the Trustees’ Room, and the William and Irene Cullen Room.


Hours of use:

The three meeting rooms will be available during the hours the library is open to the public. No meetings will be allowed to continue after the library closes.  Rooms may be reserved for up to 4 hours at one time.


Order of Priority:

  • Library programs (sponsored by the Library, Trustees, or Friends)

  • Town Boards and Departments

  • Local non-profit groups and organizations

  • For-profit groups that have a relationship to Maynard, and groups outside of Maynard


Allowance of Food

Food and beverages are allowed in the Roosevelt and Trustees' Meeting Rooms. It is the responsibility of the party using the room to clean up after each use. If the room is not cleaned to the satisfaction of the library director, the library director will contact the party using the room. If the response is not satisfactory, the library director may disallow further use of the room by that group.



No donations are required from library-related groups, civic organizations, or Town Boards. Donations are required from for-profit groups and groups outside of Maynard. The fees are:

  • Roosevelt Room: $100

  • Trustees’ Room: $50        

  • Cullen Room: $25

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