Maynard Sesquicentennial History Talks

The Rise and Fall of Slavery in Massachusetts

In celebration of Black History Month

Presented by David Mark

Thursday, February 25

7:00 pm via Zoom

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Massachusetts was the first colony to legalize slavery (1641) and the first to end it (1783). A census conducted in 1754 reported that between 1 and 2% of the colony's population was adult slaves (children were not counted).  With the Revolutionary War still raging on, Massachusetts passed a state constitution in 1780. Key wording: "All men are born free and equal..." A court case a few years later confirmed this applied to people of color.

In celebration of Black History Month, Maynard author and historian David Mark will speak about Massachusetts’ history of slavery, including the story of Lucy Chester and her mother Cate Taylor, the only person owned as a slave in Stow.

Before the Europeans Arrived... and After

Presented by David Mark

Thursday, March 25th

7:00 pm via Zoom

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Maynard author and historian David Mark will speak about the Native American presence before and after the arrival of European colonists.


Our region was inhabited by the Nipmucs. Wherever Europeans arrived, within a generation entire cultures and populations were nearly wiped out by disease, displacement and war. Transfer of land from remnant native populations to English settlers was a combination of sale, forced sale and outright taking. During King Philip’s War non-combatant Nipmuc suspected of collaborating with the Wampanoag who were leading attacks against the colonists were relocated to Deer Island, in Boston Harbor. Many died from harsh conditions there.


Today, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts recognizes the present-day Nipmucs as constituting a group of some five hundred members living in and around Worcester.

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