Spice up Your Summer


Spice Club

Are you a little bored with your own cooking? Want to broaden your repertoire and try some new flavors? Spice up your winter with our new Spice Club! Each month you'll get a sample of a different spice and a variety of recipes to try featuring that spice. We'll also include some online resources if you'd like to find your own recipes.

You can share your results (triumphs and epic fails!) with other Maynard cooks on social media (#maynardspiceclub or @maynardpubliclibrary) and/or in a discussion (with shared food).


June's spice is cumin, in seed and ground form. Cumin is used in Latin American, Middle Eastern, North African, and Indian cuisines to add warmth and earthiness to a variety of dishes.

Kits available:          Monday, June 13

Discussion:              Thursday, June 30 @ 7 pm

We will meet in person for our discussion. Bring a dish to share if you like. June's recipes are coming soon.


Click the spice links to view or download each recipe booklet.

May 2022         Sumac

April 2022        Coriander

March 2022      Paprika

February 2022 Cardamom

January 2022   Ginger


Would you like more ingredient information and recipes? You can use the online resource AtoZ World Food, available free from the Boston Public Library with an e-card. Click here to sign up for a BPL e-card.

Need more inspiration? You can watch a six-part Great Courses class called The Everyday Gourmet: Essential Secrets of Spices in Cooking, free on Kanopy. Click here to set up your Kanopy streaming account.

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