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Reader Zone Help

Reader Zone Program Codes:

2024 Children's Summer Reading Club: 63b41

2024 Teen Summer Library Club: 9d159 

For readers ages 11-12/grades 6-7: 

If you join both the Children's & Teen programs, you will have to log your reading twice - though you only have to read once. Add it to both the Children's Reading Log activity & the Teen Reading Log activity.

Reader Zone App

Getting Started - Click on the image to open

Tips for using App:

Reader Zone Desktop Site

Getting Started Video Overview - Click the thumbnail to watch


*Reader Zone has planned an update to their Desktop site in late June-early July 2024. This section will be updated as well once that takes place.*

Tips for using the Desktop Site:

  • There is currently no way to view activity descriptions, including links, on the Desktop Site. The best way to see this is to visit the Children's Summer Reading page or the Teen's Summer Library Club Activity's Page

  • Check to see if you've read enough for Plinko! In either the page for the specific group (ex: Children's Reading Log) or on the Reader Progress page, you can limit the date range for the specific reading week. If the Totals area shows 150 minutes or more logged, you are eligible to play Plinko.

Reader Zone Glossary & FAQs

What is a Group?

A Group is an activity within a reading program. It can be logging reading or confirming that you've done an activity. You can join all the groups within a program, or decide just to join a few. However, if you don't join the Reading Log group for Maynard's summer programs, we can't track how much you've been reading and you will miss out on prizes.


Who is a Reader?

A Reader is a person who joins a reading program. Teens, you can be in charge of the account AND be the reader. Parents, you can be in charge of the account and add all of your children as readers. 

What does the Code do?

Each reading program in Reader Zone has a 5-character code. You join a program by entering that code. This means you can join ANY reading program hosted on Reader Zone, regardless of hosting library, without creating a separate account.

What are Awards?

Awards are digital badges readers receive for logging their reading and completing activities. In the Children's program, they are just for fun and highlight your achievements over the summer. For the Teen program, these badges highlight your achievements over the summer AND indicate that teen participants have earned a prize.

Why do I have to log a "YES" for some groups?

Reader Zone has two main kinds of logs - Reading Logs, and Yes/No logs. A reading log tracks your reading - Maynard tracks this in minutes for your general reading, and the Teen program also tracks Books for the Teen Choice Book Award group. A Yes/No log tracks if you have completed an action or activity - by logging YES, you are saying you completed that activity. 

How do I log a "YES"?

  • On the app, tap the word YES on the screen, then tap Confirm Entry. There will be a pop-up saying you successfully made an entry. To close that screen, tap done. From there you can repeat the process by tapping "Make another entry" or swipe left or right to go between groups. 

  • On the desktop site, select the group in the vertical menu to the left. Click on the big blue "Add Entry" button (or the smaller "Add Past Entry" button in the lower right corner), and use the keypad to enter the correct number of YES entries. 

Can I log multiple "YES" activities at once?

Yes, but only on the desktop site. If you are trying to log multiple YES entries on the app, you just have to keep tapping through the process of YES-Confirm-Done-Make another entry.

What happens if I log "NO"?

Nothing. The confirmation screen will pop up saying you added 0 Yes entries. 

What is a Book Bank?

  • Reader Zone's Book Bank is made of 2 lists, which will contain the same information but have different titles depending on if you view the Book Bank on the desktop site or the app: a To Read list (desktop site)/Books to Read list (app), and a Finished list (desktop site)/Books I Have Read (app).

  • For Teens, if you join the Teen Choice Book Award group the Book Bank will include all of the nominees in the To Be Read list. To confirm you've read one of those titles, just select "Finished" or "Mark as Read."

  • You can add books to the To Read list to remind yourself of what you want to read, or you can wait until you are done with a book, and add it under the Finished/Books I Have read list immediately.

Can I go backdate/batch log my Reading Log?

  • In both the app and on the desktop site, you can backdate a reading entry by entering a Past Entry. That past entry can be as big or small as needed.

  • On the app, you can batch log your reading by tapping "Input Time" instead of starting the timer and entering the amount of reading, in minutes, you want to log. The desktop site is similar to the app, but since it does not have a built in timer all you have to do is click the big "Add Entry" button and input time. 

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