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Runs January 16-February 24, 2024

Open to all ages, 3-adult!

Winter Reads @ the Maynard Public Library. Add some adventure to your winter - try the Winter Reads Bingo Challenge!

How it works:

  1. Pick up a BINGO Card at any desk (Circulation, Reference, or Children's), or print a card at home.

    • There are 2 different cards available - they both have the same activities, just in a different order.​

  2. Complete the activities in the squares to get BINGO!

    • Activities fit into 5 categories: Read, Visit the Library, Explore, Try, & Community! Which ones will you do to get Bingo?

    • Resources for completing activities can be found on the back of your Bingo Card, or downloaded below.

  3. Bring your card to the library to receive your prize(s). You can come back with your card for different prize levels, or get all of them at once.

    • Prize levels:

    1. Single Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal, or Four Corners BINGO - coupon for a Free Book from the ongoing Friends of the Library Book Sale.

    2. Double BINGO - 1 raffle ticket for a gift card to a local business - choose to enter the drawing for Sugar Snap or Boston Bean House

    3. Full Card - 2nd Free Book Coupon and 2nd raffle ticket

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