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Teen Summer Library Club
Activities & Categories

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What are Activities and Categories?

  • Activities are things to do that you earn additional prizes completing. All activities are optional and many can be done multiple times.

  • Categories reward reading specific genres, themes, and formats, and double-dipping is allowed. 

How to Log Activities and Categories:

In Reader Zone, swipe to the Activities & Categories Group OR the Library Events Group, and confirm YES to log the activity towards a prize. Then tap the 🛈 icon in the upper left corner of the app. Follow the link to the Google form, and share what you did/attended/read. 

Things to Do

Attend a Library Event: Attending a library event, whether in person or virtual. This includes Teen Summer Library Club events as well events like the Summer Concert and the Art Talks with Jane Oneail. Attending an event is worth 1/2 a prize. Attend 2 events to earn a bonus prize.

2024 Scavenger Hunts: There are 2 Scavenger Hunts just for teens this summer, as well as Mr. Mark's scavenger hunts.

  • Outdoor Photograph Scavenger Hunt: 

  • Daily Cryptid Hunt: A yeti and the Loch Ness Monster are spending their summer vacations at the Maynard Library! They will be in a new hiding spot each day, and can be anywhere in the library. 

Weekly Super Short Stories: Write a short story that's only 2-5 sentences long! Each week will focus on a different genre. You are welcome to write whatever you choose, and prompts are available if needed/wanted. To earn the point, confirm that you wrote something. Sharing is optional via a Google Form.

Weekly Would You Rather? Wilderness Edition: Choose between two different wilderness-themed options each week. A different question will be available each week. To earn points, answer question in the text box on Beanstack. Each question is worth 1 point and can only be answered once. 

Trivia!: Share an interesting fact! 

Submit your piece of trivia in the text box on Beanstack. Each fact is worth 1 point. This activity can be repeated. 

Pay it Forward: Perform a random act of kindness, big or small, or spend 1 hour volunteering!

Describe what you've been doing in the text box on Beanstack. Each act is worth 1 point. This activity can be repeated. 

Reading-based Activities

Reading Buddies: Read a book or listen to an audio book with a friend or family member, or maybe throw a watch party for a movie or tv series. Whatever you choose, just do it together! You don't even have to be in the same room (or vehicle) - just read or watch it simultaneously or one right after the other and share your thoughts!

Enter the title of the book/movie/tv series and who you shared the experience with in the text box on Beanstack. Each title is worth 1 point. This activity can be repeated.

Categories: Read a book (or anything) in any or all of the following categories and submit the title and author to earn points. Each category counts as a separate activity, and double dipping is allowed (Ex: Audio book version of Divergent - Submit it for Read Along and Now a Major Motion Picture!) To earn points, enter the title and author into the appropriate text box. Each category is worth 1 point. Each category can be repeated.

  • #Own Voices & Diverse Characters: Read or listen to an audio book featuring diverse characters, whether they are POC, LGBTQ, or have disabilities. Click here for a list of some titles that meet this criteria (This is last years list - everything on it still counts, but an updated list will available soon).

  • Great Outdoors Challenge: Read a book that celebrates - or complains about - getting outside and into nature. This include fiction and nonfiction books about summer camp, camping and road trips, as well as books about nature.

  • Based on a Book: Watch a movie, mini series, or at least 3 episodes of a TV series based on a book. Video games count, too. Click here for a list of page-to-screen titles.

  • Now a Major Motion Picture: Read a book or listen to an audio book that has been turned into a movie, mini series, television show, or video game. Book spin-offs from films and television shows count. Ex: Slayer by Kiersten White, set in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe or the Star Wars expanded universe titles. Click here for a list of page-to-screen titles.

  • Read Along: Listen to an audio book this summer!

  • New Book: Read a book or listen to an audio book found on the New Books shelves anywhere in the Maynard Library or anywhere else - like another library, the Silver Unicorn Bookstore in Acton, Amazon, Target - so long as it's labeled "NEW".

  • New-to-You: Try something new! This can mean trying a new format, such as graphic novels or audio books, a new author, or a new genre. You aren't limited to books! Try a new video game format, or watch something new on tv.

  • Nonfiction: Read or listen to a nonfiction title or watch a documentary.

  • Short Stories: Read or listen to a collection of short stories or essays. They're great for when you want to read something but don't have a lot of time, or if you want to read a bunch of stories about the same theme!

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