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Take and Make Kits for Adults

Learn a new craft!

Beeswax Wrap Kits for Adults and Teens

August 2022

Beeswax wraps are easy to make and a great way to replace the plastic wrap in your kitchen.

A link to a How-to video

Landscape Needle Felting for Adults and Teens

June -July 2022

2D needle felting is the art of "painting" landscapes with wool.

2D beach scene PopUp.jpg

Beach scene gallery coming soon.

Pebble Art Kits for Adults and Teens

May/June 2022

Pebble art can be very simple or quite elaborate. But it is essentially the art of gluing pebbles to a canvas to make an image.

A link to a generic How-to video

A link to an Inspiration video

Send a picture of what you create to! We’ll make a gallery of all the pebble art.

dancing women.pebbles.png

Mini Cross-Stitch Kits for Adults and Teens

May 2022

Send a picture of what you create to! We’ll make a gallery of all the cross-stitchery.

cross-stitch images.jpg

Paper Quilling Kits for Adults and Kids

April 2022

Paper quilling is the art of cutting paper into long thin strips, rolling and pinching the pieces into different shapes, and then gluing the shapes together to form decorative art.

A how-to guide with video links is here. And a guide for kids is here.

Stained Glass Mosaics

February 2022

Gallery of mosaics coming soon!

Needle Felting-Birds and Hedgehogs

December 2021, January 2022

Gallery of needle felting coming soon!

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