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Report of the Librarian



Staff:  Library staff for 2019 included: Stephen Weiner, Carol Akillian-Casey, Mark Malcolm, Casey Petipas-Haggerty, Jeremy Robichaud, Sally Thurston, and Deric Wilson. Our Circulation staff included Liz Leaver, Semra Erdal, and Cat Murray.  Our Saturday Children’s Librarian was Sharon Martin.   Longtime staff member Karen Weir retired early in 2019. Library pages included: Grace Wilde, Simone Tricca, Jordan Mullen, Claudia Severance, Nikhil Rao, Owen Thayer, Lilly Wilson, Nick Reilly, Brandon Sherman, Zoe Pepin, Samantha Grundstrom, Elizabeth Freeman, Ben Sullivan, Joel Stenhouse, and Emily Thayer. The pages generally 2-4 hours weekly and their shifts rotate.

Volunteers: Sue Gerroir, Connie Keenan, Karen Lund, Abby Casabona, Sarah Boardman, and Wendy Valentine, and Loren Flannery.  Our longtime volunteer, Janet Brayden, passed away unexpectedly in the fall, 2019.  We mourn her passing.

Trustees:  Sally Bubier, Chair, Jan Rosenberg, Secretary, and Peter Reed, Member at Large.

Friends of the Maynard Public Library: Aly Severance, President, Jan Rosenberg, Vice President, Dennis Morrisey, Treasurer, and Greta Friel, Membership Coordinator.

Circulation: 292,048.  The library circulated 24,211 adult books, 2,918 young adult books, and 27,129 children’s books. 6,635 audiobooks circulated.  15,077 items went out through our Overdrive (downloadable) program.  3,161 CDs and 13,960 DVDs were borrowed as well.  Freegal (music downloads) was accessed 2,468 times and 1,011 museum passes circulated.  15,085 items were routed in for Maynard patrons to borrow, and 16,288 items were routed out for patrons in other communities to check out.  402 new card holders were registered and the library’s wireless was accessed 9,636 times. There were 9,118 computer log-ins.  Newsbank was logged into 414 times and Ancestry.Com 5,727 times. 5,884  people have Maynard Public Library cards.

Grants: The library received an award of $15.598.51 from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners for state certification.   The library also received $ 500.00 from the Mass Cultural Council.

Reference Report: 3,584 reference questions were answered. 13 instructional programs were held.

Programs: 315 programs were held in 2019.  These programs were directed at children, teens, and adults.  The Summer Reading Program for teens and younger children was also held. 275 children and teens participated in the Summer Reading Program.

Festivals: The library held its annual Comic-Con, the Book Festival, and the Summer Concert featuring David Bromberg. 

Meeting Rooms: 661 meetings were held in the library, averaging 2.3 meetings each day the library was open.   

Tutoring Sessions:  201 tutoring sessions held, totaling 603 students. The library also sponsored 2 ongoing ELL classes.

Elections:  The annual Town election was held in May, 2019.

Number of People in the Library: 19,987 (October-December). That number projected over an entire year would be 79,948.

Days Open:  The library was open 286 days in 2019.  Hours open to the public were: Monday, Friday, and Saturday, 10 AM-5 PM, Tuesday and Thursday, 2 PM-9 PM, and Wednesday, 10 AM-9 PM.  The library was closed on Saturdays during the summer.

In Closing:  I would like to thank The Library staff, the Library Trustees, volunteers, and Friends of the Maynard Public Library, for their support during 2019.  I’d also like to thank Town Administrator Gregory Johnson, Administrative Assistant Stephanie Duggan, Finance Director Mike Guzzo, and Facilities Manager Kyle Brainard.   Finally, I want to thank the Maynard community for its ongoing support of the growing public library program.


Respectfully submitted,


Steve Weiner, Library Director

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