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Application for Exhibit Space


Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at the Maynard Public Library. Please review the Library’s Exhibit Policy and visit the Roosevelt Room prior to applying so you are familiar with the available exhibit area.


Please complete this application form and submit it to:

Library Director

Maynard Public Library

77 Nason Street

Maynard, MA 01754


Questions? Contact the Library Director at or 978-897-1010.


Date of application:


Name of applicant (individual or group):


Contact name (for a group exhibit):


Address (street, city/town, zip):


Phone:                                                             Email address:


Website URL (if applicable):


Bio/qualifications (background, history of prior exhibits, memberships, awards, etc.):






Proposed exhibit title:


Description of subject and medium:






Number of items:


Space requirements:



Preferred dates: __________________ to __________________



Please provide sample images of at least three items to be exhibited to the Library Director by emailing image files or by sending a website URL to Applications missing sample images will not be considered.


I, the undersigned, have read and understand the Library’s Exhibit Policy. If my application is approved, I agree to comply with all conditions outlined in the policy and I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Town of Maynard, the Maynard Public Library, its employees, and its Board of Trustees against any theft, loss, damage, or destruction of the items being exhibited and against any liability as a result of the use of the exhibit space.


Signed________________________________________________ Date_____________

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