2021 Poetry Challenge

Thanks for taking home a Poetry Challenge Kit!

You are encouraged to try one, two, or all three of the poetry challenges included, and we would love to read whatever you create.

Just remember: the most important part of this challenge is to have fun!

If you would like to share what you write with us, send your poem to mayjl@minlib.net. Let us know if you would like it displayed in the library windows along the Poetry Walk.

If you have not picked up a kit - never fear! They are available by Curbside Pick-up, or you can use materials you may already have at home!

(Kit includes: 1 black Sharpie; 3 pages from old books; 2 paint chips; 1 photograph)


Poetry Challenge #1- Blackout Poetry

Use a permanent marker and pages from a book to create poetry by blacking out all the words you don't want in your poem!

To learn more about blackout poetry:

The History of Blackout Poetry

An Easy Guide to Blackout Poetry

Blackout poetry can be simple-looking, or it can be a work of art! Check out these examples for inspiration (click to see full size). Just remember: none of these are YOUR poem. These are just a few ways blackout poetry has been done before. 

Poetry Challenge #2- Paint Chip Poetry

Write a poem in the format or style of your choice. The catch - you must include the names of all the paint colors on your paint chip!

This poem can be written directly on your paint chip or on a separate piece of paper. You can write 1 poem using 1 paint chip, 1 poem using 2 paint chips, or 2 poems each using different paint chips.

To learn more about paint chip poetry:

Paint Chip Poetry

Also, if you search "Paint Chip Poetry" online, you'll probably find lots of results for a board game. If you ever play it, we'd love to hear about it!

Poetry Challenge #3- Photo Inspiration Poetry

Write a poem in the format or style of your choice inspired by the photo in your kit!

To learn more about Photo Inspiration Poetry:

Write a Poem Inspired by a Picture

Creative Writing - Photograph Poem