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Mystery Spotlight

Never Tell by Lisa Gardner


It seems like every book Lisa Gardner writes is better than the last.  This is especially true of her most recent three thrillers, which feature Boston Police Detective D.D. Warren and her new, and unconventional, C.I., Flora Dane.  Read them in order to learn Flora's harrowing backstory.  Or read the most recent, Never Tell, for a twisty murder mystery - a wife accused of murdering her husband - that has roots in the past and ramifications for Flora's future.

Read them in order: Warren & Dane

Find Her

Look For Me

Never Tell


Read It In Order!

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The Classics

Every genre has its masters and Mystery/Thriller is no exception.  The innovation and creativity of these authors paved the way for the writers of today.


Don't have time for a full book, but still need your Mystery fix?  Check out these anthologies  - you would be surprised how much action, adventure and sleuthing can happen in just a few pages!

Write Your Own Mystery!

Have you ever aspired to be a mystery writer?  Do you have an idea for the perfect who-done-it?  These books will get you started!

Award Winners

Looking for something new to read?  These Mystery and Thriller awards showcase the best of the best every year.



Library E-Resources

A reader's advisory resource assisting you find new books to read. Contains best book lists, author read-alikes, book reviews, author profiles, book discussion guides, and much more.

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Laugh Out Loud Mysteries

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Do you relate to Miss Marple?  These  leading ladies do too - solving mysteries with their wits, despite not having the proper credentials:


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Who says you can't find true love while solving a crime?  These writers know how to turn up the heat:

Solving Mysteries with a Furry Friend

Everything is better when you have your best friend at your side.  These amateur sleuths solve crimes with the aid of their intuitive four-legged pals:

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Here are some sleuths that understand that you can solve crime much faster if there are snacks involved:

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Mystery in a Foreign Land

Are you a world traveler?  Or just wish you were?  These authors will take you around the world with their stories of mystery and suspense:


Historical Mysteries

Perhaps you would rather travel back in time, when detectives had only their wits, and not a smart phone, to help them catch a killer:



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