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Just $10 per month! Join MPL+



Maynard Public Library Launches Exclusive Premium Membership Service for Enhanced Library Experience


The Maynard Public Library is excited to unveil an innovative new offering: MPL+, a premium membership service designed to elevate the library experience for patrons who desire additional features and benefits.

Starting April 1st, patrons can subscribe to MaynardLibrary+ Premium for just $10 a month, gaining access to a suite of exclusive services and features aimed at enhancing their library experience. This groundbreaking initiative marks a significant step forward in redefining the traditional library model and providing patrons with unprecedented value.

Key features of MPL+ Premium services include:

Priority Access: MPL+ members will enjoy priority access to popular library materials, including best-selling books, new release DVDs and music, ensuring they never have to wait in line for their favorite titles.

Extended Borrowing Periods: Members will benefit from extended borrowing periods for library materials of 8 weeks, allowing them to keep items for longer without worrying about overdue fines or renewals.

Exclusive Events and Workshops: Members will receive exclusive invitations to special events, workshops, and programs, providing them with unique opportunities to engage with authors, artists, and experts in various fields.


Customized Event Planning: Members can request personalized event planning services from Ms. Casey for special occasions such as birthday parties, holiday parties, or private gatherings hosted at the library. 


Tech Support and Workshops: Members receive priority access to tech support services from Reference librarian Jeremy Robichaud, including at-home assistance with device troubleshooting.


Exclusive Childcare Services: Need an hour to do errands in the area? Drop them off in the Children's Room and  Mr. Mark will provide professional kazoo lessons that will ensure their place in the Maynard Kazoo Orchestra.


Reserved Study Pods and Workspaces: Members are able to reserve study rooms and workspaces equipped with amenities such as charging stations, ergonomic seating, and noise-canceling headphones for a quiet and productive environment. A wide variety of snacks and drinks are also available at the Reference Desk for when you need a break.


Exclusive Access to Digital Archives: Members gain access to exclusive digital archives, including rare Maynard historical documents, photographs, and local history resources not available to the general public or even the Maynard Historical Society.

"We are thrilled to introduce MPL+ for our most dedicated patrons. Digital media companies such as Disney, ESPN, and Paramount have led the charge with their plus content and we're proud to be the first public library in Massachusetts to utilize this new service model. The plus means there’s something extra, something worth paying for. We're sure this will foster a deeper sense of engagement and loyalty among premium members" said Assistant Director Jeremy Robichaud. 

MaynardLibrary+ Premium is available for subscription starting April 1st, 2024, and interested patrons can sign up online at or visit the library in person to enroll.

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