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A Monthly Cooking Series for Teens

Try delicious and easy recipes that need very little to come out great - a mug and a microwave! 


Taste test at the library or just stop by to grab the recipe. 


Upcoming Mug Meals

March 18, 2022: Brown Sugar Vanilla Breakfast Polenta

April 15, 2022: TBA

May 20, 2022: TBA

Why Mug Meals?

It's very easy to cook something healthy - or not so healthy! - in the microwave. Fast, easy, convenient, and delicious, mug meals are a great option when you're short on time, studying for a test, or to save for your college dorm. 

Past Recipes

Missed a Mug Meal? Past recipes are linked below.

Mug Meals Placeholder.png

March 2022

Brown Sugar Vanilla Breakfast Polenta

Mug Meals Placeholder.png

May 2022


Mug Meals Placeholder.png

February 2022

Mug Meals Placeholder.png

April 2022


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