The Daily Distraction

Your library staff thought it might be useful to have a place to share some things that have nothing to do with the library. These are some news items, videos, stories that have made us laugh, warmed our hearts, eased our anxiety and piqued our interest. We hope they help you too!


The hand-wash dance, from Vietnamese duo Quang Dang.

posted 3/30 CPH


I have never been an early adopter of technology. But I need a way to escape the news! Spotify has come to the rescue! Set-up is easy and you can start making playlists in minutes. There are free and paid versions--please check out their policies for paying artists.


posted 3/31 ST


A great story about teachers making a connection with Stay-At-Home students.

posted 3/30 JR

Just Cool

  • Here's a link to a medley of bird vocalizations layered on music--an audiovisual birdsong aria. I love the cast list at the end!

posted 3/30 ST



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