Science & More: Acids, Bases, and Browning Apples

October 27, 2017

The first ever Science & More! Woo-hoo!


This week, we explored Acids & Bases and pH levels using apples.


We talked for a few minutes about why apples turn brown - I mentioned the term "oxidation" and the kids correctly and quickly connected that with oxygen. So if the enzymes in an apple react with the oxygen in the air, how can we keep them from touching?


By coating the apple, of course.


We started with several apple slices that had been dunked in various liquids - water, vinegar, lemon juice, and milk - and a control slice not dunked in anything. The apples were labeled 1 through 5, and everyone had to decide which apple slice was which. They then sorted them from least to most brown to see if they could determine which liquid kept the apples looking their best.


 We then flipped the number tags over to see if our identifications were correct.