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How to Photograph Like a Pro

Wednesday, August 11th @ 7pm

via Zoom

Click here to sign up and receive the Zoom link or call the Reference Desk at 978-897-1010 x103.

Why are professional photographers so good at what they do? Why do they get great shots when most of the rest of us take pictures that are less successful, and even bland and boring? The answer is surprisingly simple. The pro photographers understand a small number of important principles and techniques that make a huge difference in the quality of their images. This one-hour talk on Zoom will show examples of those principles and techniques so that each attendee, regardless of camera and experience, can use this knowledge to improve their photography and make images they are proud to show.


About the presenter: 


Randall Warniers is a freelance editor, book designer, book publisher, and photographer. He has been an instructor in photography at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education for many years, specializing in digital photography, street photography, and night photography.