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Past Programs "On Demand" via YouTube

For a more complete listing of library recordings, please visit the library's YouTube channel!

The programs below were recorded by WAVM Studios. Our thanks go out to the students and staff of WAVM for their help.

Casey's Storytime For Babies Age 0-2

Mr. Mark's Storytime for Kids Ages 3+

Author Roland Merullo

Acclaimed author Roland Merullo returned to Maynard on May 11, 2017, to talk about his new book, The Delight of Being Ordinary.

Like his previous books Breakfast with Buddha, Vatican Waltz and Golfing with God, this latest novel is a humorous story decorated with some serious philosophical / spiritual considerations. It features the Pope and Dalai Lama making an unauthorized road trip around Italy in disguise, winning a Kirkus starred review.

Merullo is the award-winning author of twenty books of fiction and non-fiction that range from suspense novels to love stories to golf and travel books to humorous spiritual road trips to memoirs.

Southern Rail Concert

As part of the 2017 Maynard Book Festival, we were delighted to bring Southern Rail, always a crowd favorite, back to Maynard! Southern Rail's performances are high-energy, exuberant fun, with riveting harmonies, irrepressible humor and sparkling banjo, mandolin and guitar solos.

Solving the Social Security Puzzle

This seminar was held at the Maynard Public Library on April 25, 2017, and recorded by WAVM Productions.

Most people don't know there are literally hundreds of ways to claim Social Security retirement benefits and that choosing the wrong strategy can mean leaving well over $50,000 in benefits on the table.


This seminar addresses important questions about Social Security such as:

  • Will Social Security be there when I'm ready to claim?

  • How are my benefits calculated?

  • How much will I get?

  • How can I get more?


Peter Hoffman, MBA, CFP, RLP is a Certified Financial Planner with Orion Wealth Advisors in Lexington, MA. He loves working with pre-retirees and retirees to help them have the retirement they always wanted. Peter frequently speaks at libraries on financial planning topics.

Learning to Fund Your Future Financial Freedom

This seminar was held at the Maynard Public Library on March 21, 2017, and recorded by WAVM Productions.

Do you get nervous when you think about your financial future? Do you wonder if you have enough money? This informative workshop will show you how to assess your own financial situation so you'll be secure, confident, and happy when you think about your money.

You will receive step-by-step instructions to determine your net worth, a worksheet to make the process seamless, and practical tips for increasing your net worth.

Julie Morgenlender is a Financial Freedom Coach who helps women and their partners achieve their financial dreams by regaining control of their money while still enjoying life.

Elder Law with Frank and Mary YouTube Station

Frank and Mary are your average senior citizen couple. They experience the same issues we all encounter as we age.


Arthur Bergeron, an elder law attorney at Mirick O'Connell, has created this fictional couple to help walk you through the various challenges facing seniors and their loved ones. He frequently provides legal perspective on elder law issues and highlights local and national resources available to seniors.


"Elder Law with Frank and Mary" is a compilation of Arthur's programs and interviews. Whether you yourself are a senior or you have a loved one who is elderly, chances are you can relate to several of the scenarios we have created here. There are many difficult decisions to make as you grow old - both in terms of finances and physical capacity. Arthur Bergeron uses Frank and Mary to shed light on many questions and concerns raised by his elder law clients throughout the years. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and resources needed for peace of mind.

Planning Ahead- Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning

This seminar was held at the Maynard Public Library on November 17, 2016, and recorded by WAVM Productions. 

"Planning Ahead" focuses on the importance of proper estate planning and the consequences that are presented when an individual fails to plan for incapacity. 


Jillian Wickman is the Managing Attorney of the Estate Administration Department at Cushing & Dolan, P.C. where she focuses her practice in probate estates, estate tax preparation, and funding inter-vivos and irrevocable trusts.  Jillian works with clients after the passing of a loved one to assist them in fulfilling their fiduciary obligations and achieving the objectives established by the estate plan.

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