Report of the Librarian - 2018


Staff:  Staff for 2017 included: Stephen Weiner, Carol Akillian-Casey, Mark Malcolm, Casey Petipas-Haggerty, Jeremy Robichaud, Sally Thurston, Karen Weir, Deric Wilson, and Cynthia Howe.  Our part time staff included:  Susan Gerroir and Olivia McElwain.  Our pages included: Emma Bendall, Hannah Briggs, Daniel Giger, Samantha Grundstrom, Nicholas Reilly, Bridget Sherman, Joel Stenhouse, Benjamin Sullivan, Owen Thayer, and Lillian Wilson.  Most of our pages only work a few hours a week. 

Volunteers:  Janet Brayden, Susan Gerroir, Marilyn Hanson, Connie Keenan, Karen Lund, and Jan Rosenberg. 

Trustees:  The library is governed by an elected Board of Trustees.  The Board is comprised of Peter Reed, Patricia Chambers, and Jan Rosenberg.  Cheryl Bouchard chose not to run for re-election. 

Friends: The officers of the Friends of the Maynard Public Library are: Aly Severance, President, Jan Rosenberg, Vice President, Dennis Morrisey, Treasurer, Rose Salvati, Secretary, and Greta Friel, Membership Coordinator.

Circulation: In 2017, 63,697 books circulated.  4,380 audio books also went out.  10,415 items went out through the Overdrive (downloadable) program.  18,038 DVDs also circulated.  5,665 CDs also went out.  There were 2,786 Freegal music downloads.  1,064 museum passes also circulated. 19,856 items were routed in for Maynard patrons to borrow and 21,874 items were routed out for patrons of other communities to use. 79,651 items were discharged.  11,874 items went out through the self-check program.  Total circulation for 2017 was 239,300. 447 new cards were registered and there were 9,396 computer log-ins. The library’s wireless was accessed 7,624 times, the Newsbank program 97 times, and Ancestry.Com was logged into 10,249 times. 


Grants:  In early fall the library completed a $ 6,300 dollar grant focusing on financial literacy for seniors. Also in the fall of 2017, the teen librarian began a year-long, $7,500 dollar STEAM grant.  The library also received a $500 dollar award from the Mass Cultural Council to support the summer concert.  The MBLC also awarded the library a $14,000 dollar grant.  Through the work of Assistant Town Administrator Andrew Scribner-Maclean, the library received a $7,300 dollar award from the state of Massachusetts to upgrade the wireless. A total of $35,000 dollars in grants were received by the Maynard Public Library in 2017. 


Reference:  3,245 reference questions were answered. 11 Instructional programs were held.


Programs: 308 programs were held in 2017.  The great majority of these were directed at children and teens.  The Summer Reading program was also held. In total, 4,941 people attended programs.


Festivals:  The library sponsored these annual programs: the Maynard Book Festival, the summer concert, and the Maynard Public Library Comicon. 


Meeting Rooms:  There were 473 meetings held in the Maynard Public Library in 2017. Approximately 9,940 people attended. 


Tutoring Sessions: There were 162 sessions held, tutoring 486 students.  


Elections:  The annual Town election was held in May.


Days open:  The library was open 292 days in 2017.  Hours open to the public were: Monday, Friday, and Saturday, 10AM-5 PM, Tuesday and Thursday, 2 PM-9 PM, and Wednesdays, 10AM-6 PM.  The library closed on Saturdays during the summer. 


In Closing:  I would like to thank the Board of Library Trustees, the Friends of the Maynard Public Library, volunteers, library staff and the Maynard community, for support.  I’d specifically like to thank outgoing Town Administrator Kevin Sweet, for his support of the library department over the last several years, Facilities Manager Tim Goulding, outgoing Library Trustee Patty Chambers, and Cindy Howe, my former assistant, who retired in 2017 after 22 years of service to the Maynard community. 


Respectfully submitted,


Stephen Weiner, Library Director 

Maynard Public Library 77 Nason Street Maynard, MA 01754 Phone 978-897-1010