Author Ed Hagenstein

The Language of Liberty

Monday, November 29 @ 7:00 pm
via Zoom


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Ed Hagenstein, a former Maynard resident, will talk about his latest work,The Language of Liberty: A Citizen’s Vocabulary. 


The Language of Liberty: A Citizen’s Vocabulary is a substantive lexicon of 101 political terms with explorations of each term’s meaning in the broader context of American life and history. Addressing nearly every aspect of our political system, and doing so in a non-partisan, accessible manner, it reads like an owner’s manual for American government. This book is timeless, yet needed now more than ever.

"At a time when the vocabulary of politics and governance has never been more devalued and skewed for partisan purposes, Ed Hagenstein's The Language of Liberty: A Citizen's Vocabulary offers an effective and indeed noble antidote. The book provides concise definitions of the terms we see thrown around so carelessly every day-from the specific (Chief of Staff, lame duck) to the complex and conceptual (meritocracy, identity politics). It brings clarity and sensible relief to the politically charged and often deliberately misleading public discourse to which we lately have been subjected. We need this book. Read it, and be reminded of what the language of liberty really means."

-David Lambertson, retired Foreign Service Officer and former U.S. Ambassador to Thailand

Hagenstein worked in educational publishing for three decades as a textbook writer and editor, specializing in history and social studies. His previous book American Georgics: Writings on Farming, Culture, and the Land (Yale University Press, 2011) won Honorable Mention for the 2011 New England Book Festival in the Compilations/Anthologies category. Hagenstein lives and works in northern New Mexico.