7 Essentials to Make Decluttering Easier

Get Ready Properly, Get Set...then Go

Tuesday, May 3rd @ 7pm

In-Person, Roosevelt Room

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Decluttering (downsizing) is complex, but it doesn’t need to be so hard! Quick tips and perfect containers are not enough to get relief form the stress. Learning an essential new way of thinking and practical skill-building makes it easier to get started, and keep going!


1. Fresh Perspective: Three outdated, mistaken beliefs to get rid of 

2. Emotional Care: One practical way to prevent overwhelm anytime 

3. Right Tools: Three tools you must have to make steady progress

4. Allotted Time: Two ways to make and protect your time  

5. Realistic Goals: Three ways to manage expectations

6. Support Team: Three people, one essential question

7. Consistent Motivation: Two things to know, remember, attach to



About the Presenter

Laura Moore, M.Ed., Principal of ClutterClarity LLC, helps people make taking care of their home and life an easier, even enjoyable, no matter what they need to do. As a home organizer, move manager, and life coach, Laura works anywhere in person or on Zoom. To learn more, visit https://clutterclarity.com.

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