2020 Children's Summer Reading Club

June 22 - August 14th

If you join the Reading Club

By the time it's through they'll say

You're the smartest kid on Earth

Or in Maynard, anyway!

Dear Kids:

     Congratulations! All together you read for over 1,000 hours!

     Thank you for participating in the Summer Reading Club, and we'll see you soon!

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Using the Beanstack App

Reading and Reporting Dates

Summer Readers can begin logging their reading on June 22.

Reporting Dates: Log online with Beanstack this year! Because the entire Summer Reading Club is virtual this year, there are no reporting dates to sign up for. Just log your reading!

Weekly Raffles: Reading towards Weekly Raffles will begin on Monday, July 6. Simply read two and a half hours Monday through Sunday and log them on Beanstack before 11:59pm on Sunday night to be entered! There are weekly Logging Badges to help you track your progress towards each raffle.



Virtual Read-a-Thon

Sat. July 11 & Sun. July 12

Raise money for the Read-a-thon


Directions: Read at home to support the library! (The Read-a-thon is where you read to raise money for children's programs at the library.) 

A. Ask family-members or friends to pledge money for how much you read (ex. ten cents a page or 25 cents a page). 


B. Raise at least $10 and win an Erikson's gift certificate - raise $50 or more and win three Erikson's gift certificates


C. The Read-a-thon will take place on the weekend of July 11 and 12.

D. The reading you do can also be counted toward your weekly total

Click here to download the pledge sheet.

Didgeridoo Down Under:

A Virtual (Australian) Show with Rob Thomas

Wed. July 15

@ 10:30 am

Dear Kids:
     The didgeridoo is a funny-sounding Australian instrument made from a hollow tree trunk you’ll get to hear right from home.  But don’t get too close to the screen, it’s so long, it just might pop through! Rob will also present stories, puppets, kangaroos… Okay, there’s no kangaroos but it’ll be fun!


Ages 5  and Over, Registration Required

Click here to register

Maynard Public Library's Summer Reading Club Downtown Scavenger Hunt

Any Time!

To solve the riddle, look in downtown stores and find the clues in the windows. Each clue will have a number and a letter that are circled on it. Look at the code below the riddle and write each letter above the space with its matching number. When you find all the clues, read the letters in the spaces to get the answer and crack the code. Write the answer in your challenge on Beanstack to win a prize.

Click here for the Scavenger Hunt Sheet

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