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Britannica Public Library Edition for Kids
Contains Compton's Encyclopedia, Britannica Elementary Encyclopedia, and a wealth of other age-appropriate material for younger students and children.

Britannica Online School Edition
Broken into elementary, middle, and high school levels.  Gives students reviewed resources for typical classroom topics using age-appropriate language.


Spanish Reference Center

Spanish Reference Center delivers two products in one—a reference collection for ages 6-12 and another for the high school and college ages. Separate home pages for each level allow schools and libraries to tailor the product to their users' needs, making it the only online Spanish-language database that offers age-appropriate content for everyone.

Britannica Learning Zone (early childhood)
Activity-centered learning environment for pre-K through 2nd grade covering letters, words, numbers, time, sound, geography, and more. Supports classroom curriculum and helps students build technology skills in a fun, safe online environment.

Kids InfoBits
Kids InfoBits targets the research needs of students in Kindergarten through Grade 5. It features a developmentally appropriate and visual graphic interface, a subject-based topic tree search and full-text, age-appropriate, curriculum-related magazine and reference content.

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