Baby/Toddler Healthy Sleep Habits Q&A with Emma Jackson, a certified pediatric sleep consultant and coach

Wednesday, Nov 11th


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I’m Emma Jackson, a certified pediatric sleep consultant and coach.  I live and work in Maynard, MA, and I love helping babies and children sleep!  I started Your Healthy Dreamer to create manageable and effective customized sleep plans for tired parents and provide daily support while they implement the plan and reach their sleep goals.  I work with children ages 4 months through 5 years.


Some parents just need the right information from a trusted source to get moving in the right direction in creating a healthy sleep foundation for their children.  During my presentation I will explain why sleep is so important, review some of the most common baby and child sleep issues, as well as my evidence based quick tips for recovering from those issues.  I will then open myself up for questions with the goal of helping parents restore healthy sleep for the whole family.

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