Anti-Apartheid Poster Exhibit

An international poster exhibit from the collection of Stephen Lewis.

January 4 through January 29, 2022

Roosevelt Room, Maynard Public Library

77 Nason St

The posters are from a collection of more than 9,200 of Stephen Lewis. He is a long-time activist in the labor movement, and the former Treasurer of his union. Stephen has exhibited at a number of public libraries in Massachusetts and two of the state Heritage parks. He has presented at the annual conference of the National Council on Public History, and on some cable television programs. He can be reached by email at

The posters/photos were contributed by friends, collected at conferences, visits to some of the organizations, and from connections made through the internet. He is proud of appearing on television and other public events to denounce Apartheid, to have participated in many actions and boycotts, of being active in the labor movement against Apartheid, of meeting Dennis Brutus, of attending the rally for Nelson Mandela when he visited Boston, and of course being arrested in the '80s while participating in the occupation of a gold coin dealer selling the South African money - the Kruggerand.