New Young Adult Books (February, 2015)

 New Young Adult Non-Fiction
YOUNG ADULT 364.152320922 Pulditor Pulditor, Seth H. Serial killers
YOUNG ADULT 364.67 Marcovitz Marcovitz, Hal, Exposing torture :;centuries of cruelty
YOUNG ADULT 381.19 Donovan Donovan, Sandra, Thrift shopping :;discovering bargains and hidden treasures
YOUNG ADULT 590.94778 Johnson Johnson, Rebecca L. Chernobyl's wild kingdom :;life in the dead zone
YOUNG ADULT 616.393 Jarrow Jarrow, Gail, Red madness :;how a medical mystery changed what we eat
YOUNG ADULT 644.6 DiPiazza DiPiazza, Francesca, Remaking the john :;the invention and reinvention of the toilet
YOUNG ADULT 685.31 Keyser Keyser, Amber. Sneaker century :;a history of athletic shoes
YOUNG ADULT 792.8028 Caravantes Caravantes, Peggy, The many faces of Josephine Baker :;dancer, singer, activist, spy
YOUNG ADULT 940.547252 Hillenbrand Hillenbrand, Laura. Unbroken :;an Olympian's journey from airman to castaway to captive
 New Young Adult Comics
YOUNG ADULT COMIC Fraction Fraction, Matt, Hawkeye.;Vol. 3,;L.A. woman
YOUNG ADULT COMIC Geary Geary, Rick, A treasury of Victorian murder compendium.;II
YOUNG ADULT COMIC Grell Grell, Mike. Green Arrow :;the longbow hunters
YOUNG ADULT COMIC Hinds Hinds, Gareth, Macbeth :;a play by William Shakespeare
YOUNG ADULT COMIC Kagami Kagami, Takaya, Seraph of the end :;vampire reign
YOUNG ADULT COMIC Lemire Lemire, Jeff. Teen Titans :;Earth One
YOUNG ADULT COMIC McCloud McCloud, Scott, The sculptor
YOUNG ADULT COMIC Wilde Wilde, Lisa Yo Miss: A Graphic Look at High Schooo
 New Young Adult Fiction
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Alexander Alexander, Shannon Lee, Love and other unknown variables
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Amato Amato, Mary, Get happy
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Arnett Arnett, Mindee. Polaris
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Black Black, Holly. The darkest part of the forest
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Claiborne Claiborne, Erin, A hero at the end of the world
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Dayton Dayton, Arwen. Seeker
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Emerson Emerson, Kevin, Breakout
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Engel Engel, Amy Book of Iv
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Graudin Graudin, Ryan. All that burns
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Hand Hand, Cynthia, The last time we say goodbye
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Hellisen Hellisen, Cat, Beastkeeper
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Jones Jones, Stephen Graham, Floating boy and the girl who couldn't fly
YOUNG ADULT FICTION LaFevers LaFevers, Robin. Mortal heart
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Lake Lake, Nick, There will be lies
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Longo Longo, Jennifer. Six feet over it
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Moracho Moracho, Cristina. Althea & Oliver
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Neri Neri, Greg. Knockout Games
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Nielsen Nielsen, Jennifer A., Mark of the thief
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Omololu Omololu, Cynthia Jaynes, The third twin
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Quintero Quintero, Isabel, Gabi, a girl in pieces
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Reedy Reedy, Trent, Burning nation
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Salisbury Salisbury, Melinda, The Sin Eater's daughter
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Simukka Simukka, Salla, As white as snow
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Walton Walton, Leslye J. The strange & beautiful sorrows of Ava Lavender
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Warga Warga, Jasmine, My heart and other black holes
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Weston Weston, Robert Paul, Blues for Zoey
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Yansky Yansky, Brian, Utopia, Iowa