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New Young Adult Books (August, 2014)

 New YA Non-Fiction
YOUNG ADULT 332.02400835 McGuire McGuire, Kara. The teen money manual :;a guide to cash, credit, spending, saving, work, wealth, and more
YOUNG ADULT 791.4572 Kaplan Kaplan, Arie, Saturday night live :;shaping TV comedy and american culture
YOUNG ADULT 947.083 Fleming Fleming, Candace, The family Romanov :;murder, rebellion & the fall of imperial Russia
 New YA Comics
YOUNG ADULT COMIC Bendis Bendis, Brian Michael. All-new X-Men.;[1],;Yesterday's X-Men
YOUNG ADULT COMIC Gill Gill, Joel Christian. Strange fruit.;Volume 1, Uncelebrated narratives from Black history
YOUNG ADULT COMIC Kirkman Kirkman, Robert. The walking dead compendium one
YOUNG ADULT COMIC Lonergan Lonergan, Jesse. All star
YOUNG ADULT COMIC Mignola Mignola, Michael, Hellboy in Hell :;the descent
YOUNG ADULT COMIC Russell Russell, P. Craig, The graveyard book
Star wars.;Vector
YOUNG ADULT COMIC Star 10 Ostrander, John. Star wars, legacy.;Volume ten :;extremes
YOUNG ADULT COMIC Star 11 Ostrander, John. Star wars.;Legacy.;Volume eleven,;War
YOUNG ADULT COMIC Star 2 Ostrander, John. Star wars.;Legacy.;Volume two,;Shards
YOUNG ADULT COMIC Star 3 Ostrander, John. Star wars legacy.;Volume three,;Claws of the dragon
YOUNG ADULT COMIC Star 4 Ostrander, John. Star wars.;Legacy.;Volume four,;Alliance
YOUNG ADULT COMIC Star 5 Ostrander, John. Star wars legacy.;Volume 5,;The hidden temple
YOUNG ADULT COMIC Star 7 Ostrander, John. Star wars legacy.;Volume 7,;Storms
YOUNG ADULT COMIC Star 8 Ostrander, John. Star wars, legacy.;volume eight;: Tatooine
YOUNG ADULT COMIC Star 9 Ostrander, John. Star wars :;legacy.;Volume nine, Monster
YOUNG ADULT COMIC Ulinich Ulinich, Anya, Lena Finkle's magic barrel :;a graphic novel
YOUNG ADULT COMIC Wagner Morrison, Grant, Judge Dredd :;the complete case files.;20
YOUNG ADULT COMIC Wagner Wagner, John, Judge Dredd.;The complete case files.;06 / John Wagner, Alan Grant, writers Jose Casanovas, John Cooper, Steve Dillon, Carlos Ezquerra, Ron Smith, artists Tom Frame, letters
YOUNG ADULT COMIC Yang Yang, Gene Luen, The shadow hero
 New YA Book on CD
YOUNG ADULT COMPACT DISC FICTION Green Green, John, The fault in our stars;[sound recording]
 New YA Fiction
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Adams Adams, Richard, Watership Down
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Aguirre Aguirre, Ann, Mortal danger
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Alsaid Alsaid, Adi, Let's get lost
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Anderson Anderson, Jodi Lynn. The vanishing season
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Andreu Andreu, Maria E., The secret side of empty
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Barnholdt Barnholdt, Lauren. Through to you
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Barrett Barrett, Tracy, The stepsister's tale
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Dashner Dashner, James, The eye of minds
YOUNG ADULT FICTION DeWoskin DeWoskin, Rachel, Blind
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Giles Giles, Gail, Girls like us
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Glines Glines, Abbi, Sometimes it lasts
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Griffin Griffin, Adele, The unfinished life of Addison Stone
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Harrington Harrington, Kim, Forget me
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Herbach Herbach, Geoff. Fat Boy vs the cheerleaders
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Howe Howe, Katherine. Conversion
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Johnston Johnston, E. K. The story of Owen :;dragon slayer of Trondheim
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Katcher Katcher, Brian. Everyone dies in the end :;a romantic comedy
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Kuehn Kuehn, Stephanie. Complicit
YOUNG ADULT FICTION LaMarche LaMarche, Una, Like no other
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Lloyd-Jones Lloyd-Jones, Emily. Illusive
YOUNG ADULT FICTION McGovern McGovern, Cammie, Say what you will :;[they told each other-- everything-- except what matters most]
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Nelson Nelson, Blake, The prince of Venice Beach
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Novak Novak, Ali. My life with the Walter boys
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Patterson Patterson, James, Homeroom diaries
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Pearson Pearson, Mary The kiss of deception
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Perkins Perkins, Stephanie. Isla and the happily ever after
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Selzer Selzer, Adam. Play me backwards
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Shoup Shoup, Barbara, Looking for Jack Kerouac :;a novel
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Simukka Simukka, Salla, As red as blood
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Skilton Skilton, Sarah, High & dry :;a novel
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Stolarz Stolarz, Laurie Faria, Welcome to the Dark House
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Swain Swain, Heather, Hungry
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Tregay Tregay, Sarah. Fan art
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Triana Triana, Gaby. Summer of yesterday
YOUNG ADULT FICTION West West, Kasie. On the fence
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Wettersten Wettersten, Laura. My faire lady
YOUNG ADULT FICTION Whitaker Whitaker, Alecia, Wildflower