New Fiction Books (January, 2015)

 New Hardcover Fiction
FICTION Abel Abel, James. White plague :;a Joe Rush novel
FICTION Allen Sarah Allen, Sarah Addison, First frost
FICTION Barnett Barnett, LaShonda K. Jam on the vine :;a novel
FICTION Blackwood Blackwood, Scott. See how small :;a novel
FICTION Burgess Burgess, Matt, Uncle Janice :;a novel
FICTION Buwalda Buwalda, Peter, Bonita Avenue :;a novel
FICTION Callahan Callahan, Michael, Searching for Grace Kelly
FICTION Coffey Coffey, Michael, The business of naming things
FICTION Collins Ace Collins, Ace. The color of justice
FICTION Cornwell Cornwell, Bernard, The empty throne :;a novel
FICTION Crummey Crummey, Michael, Sweetland :;a novel
FICTION Davis Brooke Davis, Brooke. Lost & found
FICTION Gardam Gardam, Jane, The hollow land
FICTION Gardner Lisa Gardner, Lisa, Crash & burn :;a novel
FICTION Grahame-Smith Grahame-Smith, Seth. The last American vampire
FICTION Grippando Grippando, James, Cane and Abe
FICTION Handler Handler, Daniel, We are pirates :;a novel
FICTION Hannah Kristin Hannah, Kristin, The nightingale
FICTION Harrison Jim Harrison, Jim, The big seven :;a Faux mystery
FICTION Hawkins Hawkins, Paula, The girl on the train
FICTION Hoag Hoag, Tami. Cold cold heart
FICTION Hogan Phil Hogan, Phil, A pleasure and a calling :;a novel
FICTION Hooper Hooper, Emma, Etta and Otto and Russell and James :;a novel
FICTION Hornby Hornby, Nick. Funny girl
FICTION Howard Ravi Howard, Ravi. Driving the king :;a novel
FICTION Hulse Hulse, S. M. Black River
FICTION Itani Itani, Frances, Tell :;a novel
FICTION Johnston Tim Johnston, Tim, Descent :;a novel
FICTION Kardos Kardos, Michael, Before he finds her
FICTION Kava Kava, Alex. Breaking creed
FICTION Koontz Koontz, Dean R. Saint Odd :;an Odd Thomas novel
FICTION Krentz Krentz, Jayne Ann. Trust no one
FICTION Lawson M Lawson, M. A. Viking Bay :;a Kay Hamilton novel
FICTION Lish Lish, Atticus. Preparation for the next life / Atticus Lish
FICTION Macallister Macallister, Greer, The magician's lie :;a novel
FICTION Marche Marche, Stephen, The hunger of the wolf :;a novel
FICTION Mirabella Mirabella, Angelina. The sweetheart :;a novel
FICTION Oakley Oakley, Colleen. Before I go
FICTION O'Nan O'Nan, Stewart, West of sunset
FICTION Parrish Parrish, Christa. Still life
FICTION Pearlman Pearlman, Edith, Honeydew :;stories
FICTION Pelecanos Pelecanos, George P. The martini shot :;a novella and stories
FICTION Pistalo Pi?ítalo, Vladimir, Tesla :;a portrait with masks
FICTION Rosenberg Rosenberg, Joel C., The third target
FICTION Rowland Rowland, Laura Joh, The iris fan
FICTION Shearer Shearer, Alex, This is the life :;a novel
FICTION Trichter Trichter, Judd, Love in the age of mechanical reproduction
FICTION Vaillant Vaillant, John. The jaguar's children
FICTION Walton Walton, Jo, The just city
 New Mystery
MYSTERY Graham L Graham, L. T., The blue journal :;a Detective Anthony Walker novel
MYSTERY Graves Graves, Sarah, Winter at the door :;a novel
MYSTERY Hall Parnell Hall, Parnell. Puzzled indemnity :;a Puzzle Lady mystery
MYSTERY Hannah Hannah, Sophie, The carrier
MYSTERY Khan Ausma Khan, Ausma Zehanat, The unquiet dead
MYSTERY Molay Molay, Frederique The City of Bloo
MYSTERY O'Mara O'Mara, Tim. Dead red
MYSTERY Patterson Patterson, James, Private Vegas
MYSTERY Pinborough Pinborough, Sarah, Murder
MYSTERY Shaw Shaw, William, The kings of London
MYSTERY Todd Todd, Charles. A fine summer's day
MYSTERY Woods Woods, Stuart. Insatiable appetites
 New Science Fiction
SCIENCE FICTION Brown Brown, Pierce, Golden son
The Mammoth book of SF stories by women
SCIENCE FICTION Quintana Quintana, Adrienne, Eruption
 New Paperbacks
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Browning Erwin, Sherri Browning, An affair downstairs
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Burrowes Burrowes, Grace, A single kiss
PAPERBACK COLLECTION London London, Julia, The devil takes a bride
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Lowe Lowe, Fiona. Montana actually
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Sparks Sparks, Kerrelyn, Crouching tiger, forbidden vampire
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Tyler Tyler, Paige. Hungry like the wolf
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Walker Walker, Julie Ann, Full throttle