New Fiction Books (December, 2014)

 New Hardcover Fiction
FICTION Alexander Maria Alexander, Maria. Mr. Wicker
The big book of swashbuckling adventure :;classic tales of dashing heroes, dastardly villains, and daring escapes
FICTION Binstock Binstock, R. C. Swift rive
FICTION Bolano Bolaño, Roberto, A little lumpen novelita
FICTION Brownley Brownley, Margaret, Petticoat detective
FICTION Diamant Diamant, Anita, The Boston girl :;a novel
FICTION Draper Draper, Norman, Backyard
FICTION Dunn Matthew Dunn, Matthew, Dark spies
FICTION Eskens Eskens, Allen, The life we bury
FICTION Evans Richard Evans, Richard Paul. The mistletoe promise
FICTION Fantastic
A fantastic holiday season.;The gift of stories
FICTION Faulkner Faulkner, Colleen, As close as sisters
FICTION Gabaldon Gabaldon, Diana. Outlander :;a novel
FICTION Greaney Greaney, Mark, Full force and effect
FICTION Green Jane Green, Jane, Saving Grace
FICTION Griffin Griffin, Lynne Reeves. Sea escape :;a novel
FICTION Guo Guo, Xiaolu, I am China :;a novel
FICTION Halfon Halfon, Eduardo, The Polish boxer
FICTION Hallinan Hallinan, Timothy, For the dead
FICTION Harris MacDonald Harris, MacDonald, Screenplay
FICTION Hatcher Hatcher, Robin Lee. Love without end
FICTION Hochgatterer Hochgatterer, Paulus, The sweetness of life
FICTION Holmes Holmes, Steena, Stillwater rising
FICTION Hyde Catherine Hyde, Catherine Ryan, The language of hoofbeats
FICTION James Marlon James, Marlon, A brief history of seven killings
FICTION Jaszberenyi Jászberényi, Sándor. The devil is a black dog :;stories from the Middle East and beyond
FICTION Jones Lloyd Jones, Lloyd. Water
FICTION Ledgard Ledgard, J. M. Submergence :;a novel
FICTION Liss Liss, David, The day of atonement :;a novel
FICTION Manaster Manaster, Tracy. You could be home by now
FICTION Margolin Margolin, Phillip, Woman with a gun :;a novel
FICTION Marillier Marillier, Juliet. Dreamer's pool :;a Blackthorn & Grim novel
FICTION May May, Eric Charles. Bedrock faith
FICTION Mehlman Mehlman, Peter, It won't always be this great :;a novel
FICTION Miller Mary Miller, Mary, The last days of California :;a novel
FICTION Mukherjee Mukherjee, Neel, The lives of others
FICTION Nicholls Nicholls, David, Us
FICTION Nolan Nolan, James, You don't know me :;new & selected stories
FICTION Olshan Olshan, Matthew. Marshlands :;a novel
FICTION Parot Parot, Jean-François. The phantom of the Rue Royale
FICTION Perry Thomas Perry, Thomas, A String of beads
FICTION Poznanski Poznanski, Ursula, Five
FICTION Praag Praag, Menna van. The dress shop of dreams :;a novel
FICTION Purdy Purdy, Brandy. The ripper's wife
FICTION Pyne Pyne, Daniel. Fifty mice
FICTION Rey Rey, Rainer. Cosmosis :;a novel
FICTION Robards Karen Robards, Karen. Hush
FICTION Roberts Nora Roberts, Nora, Blood magick
FICTION Robertson Eliza Robertson, Eliza, Wallflowers :;stories
FICTION Rosenberg Liz Rosenberg, Liz, The moonlight palace
FICTION Row Row, Jess, Your face in mine
FICTION Shoham Shoham, Liad, Asylum city :;a novel
FICTION Smith Ali Smith, Ali, How to be both
FICTION Sullivan Mark Sullivan, Mark T., Thief
FICTION Takano Takano, Kazuaki, Genocide of one :;a thriller
FICTION Thompson Ted Thompson, Ted, The land of steady habits :;a novel
FICTION Waite Waite, Urban, Sometimes the wolf
FICTION Yip Yip, Mingmei, Secret of a thousand beauties
 Hardcover Mystery
MYSTERY Bannister Bannister, Jo. Perfect sins
MYSTERY Black Lisa Black, Lisa, Close to the bone
MYSTERY Boyd Boyd, Daniel, Easy death
MYSTERY Brackston Brackston, P. J. Gretel and the Case of the Missing Frog Prints :;A Brothers Grimm Myster
MYSTERY Cabasson Cabasson, Armand. Memory of Flames
MYSTERY Clare Clare, Alys, Blood of the south
MYSTERY Cleverly Cleverly, Barbara. Enter Pale Death
MYSTERY Coyle Coyle, Cleo. Once upon a grind
MYSTERY davies Davies, David Stuart, The devil's promise
MYSTERY Elkins Charlotte Elkins, Charlotte, The art whisperer :;an Alix London mystery
MYSTERY Gerritsen Gerritsen, Tess. Rizzoli & Isles :;die again : a novel
MYSTERY Hambly Hambly, Barbara, Crimson angel
MYSTERY Harrison Mette Harrison, Mette Ivie, The bishop's wife
MYSTERY Horowitz Horowitz, Anthony, Moriarty :;a novel
MYSTERY PAPERBACK COLLECTION Chance Chance, Maia, Snow White red-handed
MYSTERY Patterson Patterson, James, Private India :;city on fire
 Science Fiction
SCIENCE FICTION Hamilton Peter Hamilton, Peter F. The abyss beyond dreams
SCIENCE FICTION Luceno Luceno, James, Star wars :;Tarkin
MYSTERY PAPERBACK COLLECTION King King, Maggie, Murder at the book group
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Adair Adair, Marina. Sugar's twice as sweet :;a Sugar, Georgia, novel
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Alexander Alexander, Alyssa, In bed with a spy
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Ashenden Ashenden, Jackie, Mine to take
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Balogh Balogh, Mary. Only enchanting
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Carr Carr, Robyn. Angel's peak
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Carr Carr, Robyn. 'Tis the season
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Harper Harper, Karen Broken bonds
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Kaye Kaye, Laura, Hard to come by
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Lane Lane, Katie The last cowboy in Texas
PAPERBACK COLLECTION MacLean MacLean, Sarah. Never judge a lady by her cover :;the fourth rule of scoundrels
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Macomber Macomber, Debbie, A Country Christmas
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Macomber Macomber, Debbie, Home in Seattle
PAPERBACK COLLECTION McKenna McKenna, Lindsay, Wolf haven
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Roberts Roberts, Sheila, The lodge on Holly Road