New Fiction Books (September, 2014)

New Fiction  
FICTION Adler-OlsenAdler-Olsen, Jussi.The Marco Effect :;a Department Q novel
FICTION AntrimAntrim, Donald.The emerald light in the air :;stories
FICTION AtwoodAtwood, Margaret,Stone mattress :;nine tales
FICTION Berger SandeBerger, Sande Boritz.The Sweetness :;a novel
FICTION BeukesBeukes, Lauren,Broken monsters
FICTION BoginoBogino, JeanneRock Ange
FICTION BrunstetterBrunstetter, Wanda E.,The healing quilt
FICTION BurtonBurton, Jessie,The miniaturist
FICTION Butler RobertButler, Robert Olen.The empire of night
FICTION Child LeeChild, Lee.Personal :;a Jack Reacher novel
FICTION ChristieChristie, Alix.Gutenberg's apprentice :;a novel
FICTION CoulterCoulter, Catherine,The lost key
FICTION CronenbergCronenberg, David.Consumed :;a novel
FICTION CusslerCussler, Clive.The eye of heaven
FICTION DarnielleDarnielle, John.Wolf in white van
FICTION Ellroy JamesEllroy, James,Perfidia
FICTION FerranteFerrante, Elena.Those who leave and those who stay
FICTION FollettFollett, Ken.Edge of eternity
FICTION French TanaFrench, Tana.The secret place
FICTION FriedmanFriedman, Sanford,Conversations with Beethoven
FICTION FrommFromm, Pete,If not for this :;a novel
FICTION GirardGirard, Anne,Madame Picasso :;a novel
FICTION GlacyGlancy, Robert,Terms & conditions :;a novel*
FICTION GoldenGolden, Christopher.Tell my sorrows to the stones
FICTION Gregory PhilippaGregory, Philippa,The king's curse
FICTION Harris OliverHarris, Oliver,Deep Shelter :;a novel
FICTION Hart BrianHart, BrianThe bully of order :;a novel
FICTION HepnerHepner, Braden.Pale harvest :;a novel
FICTION HoodHood, Ann,An Italian wife
FICTION HusseyHussey, Elaine,The oleander sisters
FICTION Hyde CatherineHyde, Catherine Ryan.Take me with you
FICTION KaronKaron, Jan,Somewhere safe with somebody good
FICTION KauffmanKauffman, Donna,Sandpiper Island
FICTION KehlmannKehlmann, Daniel,F
FICTION KellerKeller, Julia.Summer of the dead
FICTION KellermanKellerman, Jonathan,The Golem of Hollywood
FICTION LapidusLapidus, Jens,Life deluxe
FICTION LashnerLashner, William.Bagmen :;a thriller
FICTION LehaneLehane, Dennis.The drop
FICTION Lewis BeverlyLewis, Beverly,The river
FICTION Lewis BeverlyLewis, Beverly,The telling
FICTION MagsonMagson, Adrian,The Watchman
FICTION MandelMandel, Emily St. John,Station eleven
FICTION MantelMantel, Hilary,The assassination of Margaret Thatcher :;stories
FICTION Martin CharlesMartin, Charles,A life intercepted :;a novel
FICTION MayMay, Peter,The Lewis man
FICTION MayorMayor, Archer,Proof positive :;a Joe Gunther novel
FICTION McBride EimearMcBride, Eimear.A girl is a half-formed thing
FICTION McEwan IanMcEwan, Ian,The children act :;a novel
FICTION MezrichMezrich, Ben,Seven wonders :;a novel
FICTION Mitchell DavidMitchell, DavidThe bone clocks :;a novel
FICTION Moran BethMoran, Beth,Making Marion :;where's Robin Hood when you need him?
FICTION Morton BrianMorton, Brian,Florence Gordon
FICTION MottMott, Jason,The wonder of all things :;a novel
FICTION MoyesMoyes, Jojo,Silver Bay :;a novel
FICTION OatesOates, Joyce Carol,Lovely, dark, deep :;stories
FICTION OliverOliver, Lauren,Rooms
FICTION PelletierPelletier, Cathie,A year after Henry :;a novel
FICTION PrisonPrison noir
FICTION PryorPryor, MarkButton man : a Hugo Marston novel
FICTION Rader-DayRader-Day, Lori,The black hour
FICTION ScalziScalzi, John,Lock in
FICTION Scott A.D.Scott, A.D.The low road :;a novel
FICTION SigurossonSölvi Björn Sigurðsson,The Last Days of My Mother
FICTION SojournerSojourner, Mary.29
FICTION SteinStein, Garth,A sudden light :;a novel
FICTION StuartStuart, AnneNever marry a viscount
FICTION SundstolSundstøl, Vidar,Only the dead
FICTION Taylor ElizabethTaylor, Elizabeth,You'll enjoy it when you get there :;the selected stories of Elizabeth Taylor
FICTION TherouxTheroux, Paul.Mr. Bones :;twenty stories
FICTION VanderMeerVanderMeer, Jeff.Acceptance
FICTION VreelandVreeland, Susan.Lisette's list :;a novel
FICTION WatersWaters, Sarah,The paying guests
FICTION WeaverWeaver, Rachel,Point of direction :;a novel
FICTION Wilson GWilson, G. Willow,Alif the unseen
 New Large Print  
LARGE PRINT FICTION BinchyBinchy, Maeve.A week in winter
LARGE PRINT FICTION BrownBrown, Sandra,Deadline
LARGE PRINT FICTION BrownBrown, Sandra,Lethal
LARGE PRINT FICTION BrownBrown, Sandra,Low pressure
 New Mystery  
MYSTERY AlbertAlbert, Susan Wittig,The Darling Dahlias and the silver dollar bush
MYSTERY Anderson LinAnderson, Lin,The case of the black pearl :;a Patrick de Courvoisier mystery
MYSTERY BainBain, Donald,Margaret Truman's Undiplomatic murder :;a Capital crimes novel
MYSTERY BeatonBeaton, M. C.The blood of an Englishman :;an Agatha Raisin mystery
MYSTERY CoelCoel, Margaret,Night of the white buffalo
MYSTERY ColemanColeman, Reed Farrel,Robert B. Parker's Blind spot
MYSTERY FolgerFolger, Joni,Of Merlot and murder :;a Tangled Vines mystery
MYSTERY GregoryGregory, Susanna,Murder on High Holborn
MYSTERY HaddamHaddam, Jane,Fighting chance :;a Gregor Demarkian novel
MYSTERY HannahHannah, Sophie,The monogram murders
MYSTERY Kellerman FayeKellerman, Faye,Murder 101 :;a Decker/Lazarus novel
MYSTERY LongworthLongworth, M. L.Murder on the Île Sordou :;a Verlaque and Bonnet Provençal mystery
MYSTERY MeierMeier, Leslie.French pastry murder : a Lucy Stone mystery
MYSTERY MosleyMosley, Walter.Rose Gold :;an Easy Rawlins mystery
MYSTERY PattersonPatterson, James,Burn
MYSTERY Perry AnnePerry, Anne.Blood on the water :;a William Monk novel
MYSTERY ReichsReichs, Kathy.Bones never lie :;a novel
MYSTERY SimonSimon, Clea,Stages of grey
MYSTERY SpencerSpencer, Sally,Supping with the devil :;a DCI Paniatowski mystery
MYSTERY WagnerWagner, David P.Death in the Dolomites :;a Rick Montoya Italian mystery
MYSTERY WaitWait, Lea,Shadows on a Maine Christmas :;an antique print mystery
 New Science Fiction  
SCIENCE FICTION BradleyBradley, DarinChimpanze
SCIENCE FICTION MannMann, Phillip,The disestablishment of paradise :;a novel in five parts plus documents
 New Spanish Fiction  
SPANISH FICTION AllendeAllende, Isabel.El juego de Ripper :;[una novela]
SPANISH FICTION DiazDíaz, Junot,Así es como la pierdes
SPANISH FICTION NavarreteNavarrete, William,Fugas
SPANISH FICTION Ruiz ZafonRuiz Zafón, Carlos,La sombra del viento
SPANISH FICTION Vargas LlosaVargas Llosa, Mario,El héroe discreto
 New Paperbacks  
PAPERBACK COLLECTION GraceGrace, Samantha,In bed with a rogue
PAPERBACK COLLECTION HalleHalle, Karina.Sins & needles
PAPERBACK COLLECTION KirkmanKirkman, Robert.The walking dead :;rise of the Governor
PAPERBACK COLLECTION MacomberMacomber, Debbie.Ready for romance
PAPERBACK COLLECTION PhillipsPhillips, Carly.Perfect together
PAPERBACK COLLECTION PutneyPutney, Mary JoNot Quite a Wif
PAPERBACK COLLECTION RobertsRoberts, Nora.Something new
PAPERBACK COLLECTION ShalvisShalvis, Jill,It's in his kiss