New Fiction Books (November, 2014)

 New Hardcover Fiction
FICTION Aguirre Aguirre, Forrest. Heraclix and Pomp :;A Novel of the Fabricated and the Fey
FICTION Baldacci Baldacci, David, The escape
FICTION Bausch Bausch, Robert. Far as the eye can see :;a novel
FICTION Borges Borges, Jorge Luis, Collected fictions
FICTION Borjlind Börjlind, Cecilia, Spring tide
FICTION Burgess Burgess, Gemma. Brooklyn girls
FICTION Carmack Carmack, Cora. Finding it
FICTION Chute Chute, Carolyn, Treat us like dogs and we will become wolves
FICTION Clark Mary Higgins Clark, Mary Higgins, The Cinderella murder
FICTION Clifford Clifford, Joe, Lamentation :;a novel
FICTION Coe Coe, Jonathan, Expo 58
FICTION Davis Aric Davis, Aric, Tunnel vision
FICTION Donald Donald, Angus, Grail knight
FICTION Duenas Dueñas, María, The heart has its reasons :;a novel
FICTION Evanovich Evanovich, Janet. The job :;a Fox and O'Hare novel
FICTION Evans Chris Evans, Chris Of bone and thunder :;a novel
FICTION Farah Farah, Nuruddin, Hiding in plain sight
FICTION Ford Richard Ford, Richard, Let me be Frank with you
FICTION Founds Founds, Kathleen, When mystical creatures attack!
FICTION Giraldi Giraldi, William. Hold the dark :;a novel
FICTION Gloss Gloss, Molly, Falling from horses
FICTION Grinti Grinti, Mike, Jala's mask
FICTION Gyllenhaal Gyllenhaal, Liza. Bleeding heart
FICTION Halfon Halfon, Eduardo, Monastery
FICTION Hauser Hauser, Thomas, The final recollections of Charles Dickens :;a novel
FICTION Hazelgrove Hazelgrove, William Elliott, Real Santa
FICTION James Syrie James, Syrie, Jane Austen's First love
FICTION Jensen Jensen, Lisa, Alias Hook
FICTION Jin Jin, Ha, A map of betrayal
FICTION Johansen Iris Johansen, Iris, The perfect witness
FICTION Johnson Denis Johnson, Denis, The laughing monsters
FICTION King Stephen King, Stephen, Revival :;a novel
FICTION Klassen Klassen, Julie, The secret of Pembrooke Park
FICTION Laurens Laurens, Stephanie, By winter's light
FICTION Lawson Diane Lawson, Diane. A tightly raveled mind
FICTION Liu Liu, Zhenyun, I did not kill my husband
FICTION Lynn Lynn, J., Be with me
FICTION Macomber Macomber, Debbie, Choir of angels
FICTION Mallery Mallery, Susan. The Christmas wedding ring
FICTION Marshall Peyton Marshall, Peyton, Goodhouse
FICTION Mazzucco Mazzucco, Melania G., Limbo
FICTION McAdams McAdams, Molly. Forgiving lies
FICTION McCall Smith McCall Smith, Alexander, 44 Scotland Street
FICTION McCrumb McCrumb, Sharyn, Nora Bonesteel's Christmas past
FICTION McDermid McDermid, Val, The skeleton road
FICTION McKenzie McKenzie, C. B. Bad country :;a novel
FICTION Merullo Merullo, Roland Retur
FICTION Miles Miles, Valerie A Thousand Forests in One Acorn: An Anthology of Spanish-Language Fictio
FICTION Millet Millet, Lydia, Mermaids in paradise :;a novel
FICTION Moriarty Liane Moriarty, Liane, Big little lies
FICTION Morrow Bradford Morrow, Bradford, The forgers
FICTION Munro Munro, Alice, Family furnishings :;selected stories, 1995-2014
FICTION Murakami Murakami, Haruki, The strange library
FICTION Nehme Nehme, Farran Smith. Missing reels :;a novel
FICTION Neuman Neuman, Andrés, Talking to ourselves
FICTION Newman Newman, Kim, An English ghost story
FICTION Norman Andreas Norman, Andreas, Into a raging blaze
FICTION Otto Otto, Shawn Lawrence, Sins of our fathers :;a novel
FICTION Perez-Reverte Pérez-Reverte, Arturo. The siege :;a novel
FICTION Petrushevskaia Petrushevskai︠a︡, Li︠u︡dmila, There once lived a mother who loved her children, until they moved back in :;three novellas about family
FICTION Piercy Piercy, Marge. The cost of lunch, etc.
FICTION Powers Tim Powers, Tim. Drawing of the dark
FICTION Preston Douglas Preston, Douglas J. Blue labyrinth
FICTION Reay Reay, Katherine, Dear Mr. Knightley :;a novel
FICTION Rich Rich, Simon. Spoiled brats :;stories
FICTION Robertson Imogen Robertson, Imogen, The Paris winter
FICTION Rojstaczer Rojstaczer, Stuart. The Mathematician's Shiva :;a novel
FICTION Ruckley Ruckley, Brian, The Free
FICTION Scottoline Scottoline, Lisa, Betrayed :;a Rosato & Associates novel
The sexy librarian's big book of erotica
FICTION Shepherd Lynn Shepherd, Lynn, The pierced heart :;a novel
FICTION Somers Somers, Jeff, We are not good people
FICTION Stamm Stamm, Peter All Days Are Nigh
Tel Aviv noir
FICTION Thayer Nancy Thayer, Nancy, An island Christmas :;a novel
FICTION Thomas Scarlett Thomas, Scarlett Bright Young Things / Scarlett Thoma
FICTION Thompson James
Helsinki noir
FICTION Tucker Tucker, K. A. Five ways to fall :;a novel
FICTION Twelve Hawks Twelve Hawks, John. Spark :;a novel
FICTION Upton Upton, Lee, The Tao of humiliation :;stories
FICTION Vasquez Vásquez, Juan Gabriel, The sound of things falling
FICTION Walker Casey Walker, Casey, Last Days in Shanghai :;a novel
FICTION Wilson F Wilson, F. Paul Fear city :;a Repairman Jack novel
FICTION Wittliff Wittliff, William D., The devil's backbone
FICTION Woods Sherryl Woods, Sherryl. The Christmas bouquet
 New Mystery Hardcover
MYSTERY Andrews Donna Andrews, Donna. The nightingale before Christmas :;a Meg Langslow mystery
The best American mystery stories
MYSTERY Brown Brown, Rita Mae. Let sleeping dogs lie :;a novel
MYSTERY Childs Childs, Laura. Scorched eggs
MYSTERY Connelly Connelly, Michael, The burning room :;a novel
MYSTERY Cornwell Cornwell, Patricia Daniels, Flesh and blood :;a Scarpetta novel
MYSTERY Eccles Eccles, Marjorie, The firebird's feather
MYSTERY Fanning Fanning, Diane, Scandal in the secret city :;a Libby Clark mystery
MYSTERY Finch Finch, Charles The laws of murder
MYSTERY Flora Flora, Kate, And grant you peace :;a Joe Burgess mystery
MYSTERY Fowler Christopher Fowler, Christopher, Bryant & May and the bleeding heart
In the company of Sherlock Holmes :;stories inspired by the Holmes canon
MYSTERY Jaffarian Jaffarian, Sue Ann, Hell on wheels
MYSTERY James Bill James, Bill, Disclosures
MYSTERY Patterson Patterson, James, Hope to die
 New Science Fiction
SCIENCE FICTION Baxter Baxter, Stephen. Proxima
SCIENCE FICTION Erikson Erikson, Steven. Willful Child
SCIENCE FICTION Gibson Gibson, William, The peripheral
SCIENCE FICTION Gould Gould, Steven. Exo
SCIENCE FICTION Grant Grant, Mira. Symbiont
SCIENCE FICTION Leckie Leckie, Ann. Ancillary justice
SCIENCE FICTION Leckie Leckie, Ann, Ancillary sword
SCIENCE FICTION North North, Claire, The first fifteen lives of Harry August
SCIENCE FICTION Zahn Zahn, Timothy, Soulminder
 New Large Print
LARGE PRINT FICTION Flynn Flynn, Vince. Kill shot :;an American assassin thriller
LARGE PRINT FICTION Gardner Gardner, Lisa. Catch me
LARGE PRINT FICTION Roberts Roberts, Nora. Happy ever after
LARGE PRINT FICTION Steel Steel, Danielle. Winners :;a novel
New Paperback Books
MYSTERY PAPERBACK COLLECTION Kelly Kelly, Sofie, A midwinter's tail :;a magical cats mystery
MYSTERY PAPERBACK COLLECTION Robb Robb, J. D., Calculated in death
MYSTERY PAPERBACK COLLECTION Vallere Vallere, Diane, Suede to rest
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Andrews Andrews, Ilona. Burn for me :;a hidden legacy novel
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Bourne Bourne, Joanna. Rogue spy
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Bowman Bowman, Valerie, The accidental countess
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Higgins Higgins, Kristan. In your dreams
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Lindsey Lindsey, Erin. The bloodbound
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Phillips Teulé, Jean. Eat him if you like :;a novel
When the snow falls