New DVDs Added To Collection (September, 2014)

 Non-Fiction DVDs  
DVD 332 RetirementThe retirement gamble;[videorecording]
DVD 332 YourYour life, your money;[videorecording]
DVD 591 NovaNova science.;How smart are animals?;[videorecording]
DVD 636 DogsDogs and more dogs;[videorecording] :;the true story of man's best friend
DVD 636 DogsDogs decoded;[videorecording] :;understanding the human-dog relationship
DVD 636 ThroughThrough a dog's eyes;[videorecording]
DVD 658 GenerationGeneration like
DVD 741 TurtleTurtle power :;the definitive history of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
DVD 780 ClashThe Clash, Westway to the world;[videorecording]
DVD 781 QueenLive at Wembley Stadium;[videorecording]
 Feature Films  
DVD AmazingThe amazing spider-man 2;[videorecording]
DVD AuthorsAuthors anonymous
DVD CaptainCaptain America.;The winter soldier
DVD CatchCatch a fire;[videorecording]
DVD ChronicleChronicle;[videorecording]
DVD ConfidenceConfidence;[videorecording]
DVD EmbraceEmbrace of the vampire;[videorecording]
DVD HitmanHitman;[videorecording]
DVD HollowHollow man II;[videorecording]
DVD HomeHome is where the heart is
DVD HomelandHomeland security;[videorecording]
DVD InIn her shoes;[videorecording]
DVD LadiesLadies in lavender;[videorecording]
DVD LoveThe love punch;[videorecording]
DVD LunchboxThe lunchbox;[videorecording]
DVD MomMoms' night out
DVD MulhollandMulholland Dr.;[videorecording]
DVD NoahNoah
DVD OneOne hour photo;[videorecording]
DVD Pi[Pi];[videorecording]
DVD PingPing pong summer
DVD PushingPushing tin;[videorecording]
DVD SentinelThe sentinel;[videorecording]
DVD StarStar Wars. Episode V, The empire strikes back;[videorecording] / 20th Century Fox Lucasfilm Ltd. directed by Irvin Kershner produced by Gary Kurtz screenplay by Leigh Brackett and Lawrence Kasdan story by George Lucas
DVD TroubleTrouble with the curve
DVD UnderUnder the greenwood tree;[videorecording]
DVD W.E.W. E.;[videorecording]
DVD WinterWinter's tale;[videorecording]
DVD YouYou can count on me;[videorecording]
DVD YoungYoung & beautiful
 Juvenile DVDs  
JUVENILE DVD ArthurArthur goes back to school
JUVENILE DVD BarbieMariposa;[videorecording] :;and her butterfly fairy friends
JUVENILE DVD BenjiFor the love of Benji;[videorecording]
JUVENILE DVD BratzBratz;[videorecording] :;the video.;Starrin' & stylin'
JUVENILE DVD CarsCars;[videorecording]
JUVENILE DVD ChrysanthemumChrysanthemum;[videorecording] :;--and more Kevin Henkes stories
JUVENILE DVD CuriousCurious George;[videorecording] :;goes to a birthday party
JUVENILE DVD CuriousCurious George.;Takes a vacation and discovers new things!;[videorecording]
JUVENILE DVD DinoDino Dan.;Where the dinosaurs are;[videorecording]
JUVENILE DVD InIn search of Santa;[videorecording]
JUVENILE DVD MadagascarMadagascar;[videorecording]
JUVENILE DVD MaxMax & Ruby.;Max's blast off;[videorecording]
JUVENILE DVD ParentThe parent trap;[videorecording]
JUVENILE DVD RioRio;[videorecording]
JUVENILE DVD TomTom & Jerry in the fast and the furry;[videorecording]
JUVENILE DVD TomTom and Jerry;[videorecording] :;shiver me whiskers
 TV Series  
TV DVD 920 MenThe men who built America;[videorecording]
TV DVD ArrowArrow.;The complete second season
TV DVD BigThe big bang theory.;The complete seventh season
TV DVD BorgiasThe Borgias.;The final season;[videorecording]
TV DVD BossBoss.;Season 2;[videorecording]
TV DVD Broadwalk 4Boardwalk empire.;The complete fourth season
TV DVD CastleCastle.;The complete first season;[videorecording]
TV DVD Dick 1The Dick Van Dyke show.;Season 1;[videorecording]
TV DVD Dick 2Dick van Dyke show.;Season two;[videorecording]
TV DVD Dick 3The Dick Van Dyke show.;Season 3;[videorecording]
TV DVD Dick 4The Dick Van Dyke Show.;[Season 4];[videorecording]
TV DVD Dick 5The Dick Van Dyke show.;Season five;[videorecording]
TV DVD Doc 4Doc Martin.;Series 4;[videorecording]
TV DVD Doc 6Doc Martin.;Series 6;[videorecording]
TV DVD Fringe 1Fringe.;The complete first season;[videorecording]
TV DVD Fringe 2Fringe.;The complete second season;[videorecording]
TV DVD Fringe 3Fringe.;The complete third season;[videorecording]
TV DVD Fringe 4Fringe.;The complete fourth season;[videorecording]
TV DVD Fringe 5Fringe.;The complete 5th and final season;[videorecording]
TV DVD GirlsGirls.;The complete first season;[videorecording]
TV DVD HomelandHomeland.;The complete third season
TV DVD Mythbusters 1MythBusters. Season one;[videorecording]
TV DVD NewNew girl.;The complete second season;[videorecording]
TV DVD NewNew girl.;The complete third season
TV DVD RooseveltsThe Roosevelts :;an intimate history
TV DVD RooseveltsThe Roosevelts :;an intimate history
TV DVD SopranosThe Sopranos.;The complete second season;[videorecording]
TV DVD True 1True blood.;The complete first season;[videorecording]
TV DVD WalkingThe walking dead.;Season 4;[video recording]
TV DVD WalkingThe walking dead.;The complete third season;[videorecording]