New Children's Books (October, 2014)

 Board Books
ABC insects
C is for curious :;a touch-and-feel, lift-the-flap ABC book
BOARD BOOK Dewdney Dewdney, Anna, Llama llama jingle bells
BOARD BOOK Dewdney Dewdney, Anna, Llama llama trick or treat
BOARD BOOK Franceschelli Franceschelli, Christopher. Countablock
BOARD BOOK Holub Holub, Joan. Be patient, Pandora!
BOARD BOOK Light Light, Steve, Planes go
BOARD BOOK McPhail McPhail, David, Peter loves Penguin
BOARD BOOK Soman Davis, Jacky, Ladybug Girl ready for snow
 Flood Fund Books
FLOOD FUND BOARD BOOK McPhail McPhail, David, Baby Pig Pig talks
FLOOD FUND JUVENILE 333.9522 Baillie Baillie, Marilyn, How to save a species
FLOOD FUND JUVENILE EASY Davies Davies, Benji, The storm whale
FLOOD FUND JUVENILE EASY Lujan Luján, Jorge, Moví la mano =;I moved my hand
FLOOD FUND JUVENILE EASY READER Jahn-Clough Jahn-Clough, Lisa, Petal and Poppy and the spooky Halloween!
 Juvenile Non-Fiction
JUVENILE 323.1196 Freedman Freedman, Russell, Because they marched :;the people's campaign for voting rights that changed America
JUVENILE 364.30922 Scandiffio Scandiffio, Laura, Outlaws, spies, and gangsters :;chasing notorious criminals
JUVENILE 520.3 Space
JUVENILE 530.03 Matter
Encyclopedia of matter and energy
JUVENILE 550.3 Earth
JUVENILE 567.912 Birdlike
Birdlike dinosaurs! :;small Theropods and prehistoric birds
JUVENILE 567.912 Fierce
Fierce dinosaurs! :;the large Theropods
JUVENILE 567.913 Giant
Giant dinosaurs! :;the Sauropods
JUVENILE 567.914 Armored
Armored dinosaurs! :;the Ornithischians
JUVENILE 571.31 Jenkins Jenkins, Steve, Creature features :;25 animals explain why they look the way they do
JUVENILE 580.3 Plants
JUVENILE 582.16 Galat Galat, Joan Marie, Branching out :;how trees are part of our world
JUVENILE 590 Broom Broom, Jenny, Animalium
JUVENILE 590.3 Animals
Encyclopedia of animals
JUVENILE 590.3 Animals
Encyclopedia of animals
JUVENILE 591.518 Scott Scott, Traer. Nocturne :;creatures of the night
JUVENILE 594 Mollusks
Mollusks and similar sea creatures
JUVENILE 595.7 Insects
Insects and spiders
JUVENILE 597 Birds
JUVENILE 597 Reptile
JUVENILE 597.8 Amphibians
JUVENILE 599 Mammals
JUVENILE 603 Technology
JUVENILE 612 Human
Encyclopedia of human beings
JUVENILE 612 Human
Encyclopedia of human beings
JUVENILE 616.8 Birmingham Birmingham, Maria, Tastes like music :;17 quirks of the brain and body
JUVENILE 759.4 MacLachlan MacLachlan, Patricia. The iridescence of birds :;a book about Henri Matisse
JUVENILE 940.5318 Kacer Kacer, Kathy, The magician of Auschwitz
 Juvenile Easy
JUVENILE EASY Alexander Alexander, Lori. Backhoe Joe
JUVENILE EASY Aregui Ramstein, Anne-Margot, Before after
JUVENILE EASY Aylesworth Aylesworth, Jim. My grandfather's coat
JUVENILE EASY Baguley Baguley, Elizabeth, Ready, steady, ghost!
JUVENILE EASY Barnett Barnett, Mac, Sam & Dave dig a hole
JUVENILE EASY Barnett Barnett, Mac, Telephone
JUVENILE EASY Bhadra Bhadra, Sangeeta, Sam's pet temper
JUVENILE EASY Biedrzycki Biedrzycki, David, Breaking news :;bear alert
JUVENILE EASY Brendler Brendler, Carol, Not very scary
JUVENILE EASY Brenner Brenner, Tom, And then comes Christmas
JUVENILE EASY Briggs Audus, Hilary, The snowman and the snowdog
JUVENILE EASY Brooks Brooks, Martha, Winter moon song
JUVENILE EASY Burningham Burningham, John, The way to the zoo
JUVENILE EASY Busch Busch, Miriam, Lion, lion
JUVENILE EASY Byrne Byrne, Richard, This book just ate my dog!
JUVENILE EASY Collins Collins, Billy, Voyage
JUVENILE EASY Deak Deak, Erzsi. Pumpkin time!
JUVENILE EASY Denise Denise, Anika. Baking day at Grandma's
JUVENILE EASY Dotlich Dotlich, Rebecca Kai. All aboard!
JUVENILE EASY Florian Florian, Douglas, I love my hat
JUVENILE EASY Foreman Foreman, Michael, Cat & Dog
JUVENILE EASY Freeman Freeman, Tor, Olive and the embarrassing gift
JUVENILE EASY Halpern Halpern, Shari, Dinosaur parade
JUVENILE EASY Haughton Haughton, Chris, Shh! We have a plan
JUVENILE EASY Heinz Heinz, Brian J., Mocha Dick :;the legend and fury
JUVENILE EASY Hennessy Hennessy, B. G. A Christmas wish for Corduroy
JUVENILE EASY Holabird Holabird, Katharine. Angelina's big city ballet
JUVENILE EASY Horvath Horvath, James Work, dogs, work! :;a speedy tail
JUVENILE EASY Idle Idle, Molly Schaar, Flora and the penguin
JUVENILE EASY Isern Isern, Susanna, The winter train
JUVENILE EASY Ketteman Ketteman, Helen, At the old haunted house
JUVENILE EASY Ketteman Ketteman, Helen. The ghosts go haunting
JUVENILE EASY Kirk Kirk, Daniel, Ten thank-you letters
JUVENILE EASY Kochalka Kochalka, James Johnny Boo: Zooms to the Moo
JUVENILE EASY Liniers Liniers, What there is before there is anything there
JUVENILE EASY Lord Lord, Cynthia, Hot Rod Hamster and the Wacky Whatever Race
JUVENILE EASY Mackintosh Mackintosh, David, Lucky
JUVENILE EASY McDonnell McDonnell, Patrick, A perfectly messed-up story
JUVENILE EASY McGhee McGhee, Alison, The sweetest witch around
JUVENILE EASY McHeffey McHeffey, Adam James, Rudy and Claude splash into art
JUVENILE EASY McQuinn McQuinn, Anna, Lola plants a garden
JUVENILE EASY Membrino Membrino, Anna. I want to be a ballerina
JUVENILE EASY Monroe Monroe, Chris, Bug on a bike
JUVENILE EASY Murguia Murguia, Bethanie Deeney, I feel five!
JUVENILE EASY Offill Offill, Jenny, While you were napping
JUVENILE EASY Preston-Gannon Preston-Gannon, Frann, Dinosaur farm
JUVENILE EASY READER Gilman Gilman, Grace, Dixie and the best day ever
JUVENILE EASY READER Kann Kann, Victoria, Pinkalicious :;tutu-rrific
JUVENILE EASY READER Krones Krones, C. A., Haunted Halloween
JUVENILE EASY READER Parish Parish, Herman, Amelia Bedelia chalks one up
JUVENILE EASY READER Scotton Heyman, Alissa, Splat and Seymour, best friends forevermore
JUVENILE EASY Rey Bartynski, Julie M., Margret & H.A. Rey's Curious George goes to a bookstore
JUVENILE EASY Sattler Sattler, Jennifer Gordon, A Chick 'n' Pug Christmas
JUVENILE EASY Schroeder Schroeder, Abraham, The gentleman bat
JUVENILE EASY Schwartz Schwartz, Amy, 100 things that make me happy
JUVENILE EASY Shea Shea, Bob, Kid sheriff and the terrible Toads
JUVENILE EASY Singer Singer, Marilyn, I'm gonna climb a mountain in my patent leather shoes
JUVENILE EASY Soman Soman, David. Ladybug Girl and the dress-up dilemma
JUVENILE EASY Sperring Sperring, Mark, Max and the won't go to bed show
JUVENILE EASY Stead Stead, Philip Christian, Sebastian and the balloon
JUVENILE EASY Steggall Steggall, Susan, Following the tractor
JUVENILE EASY Stoop Stoop, Naoko, Red Knit Cap Girl and the reading tree
JUVENILE EASY Stott Stott, Ann, What to do when you're sent to your room
JUVENILE EASY Tekavec Tekavec, Heather, Stop, thief!
JUVENILE EASY Underwood Underwood, Deborah. Here comes Santa Cat
JUVENILE EASY Van Laan Van Laan, Nancy. Forget me not
JUVENILE EASY Wells Wells, Rosemary. Max & Ruby at the Warthogs' wedding
JUVENILE EASY Wheeler Wheeler, Lisa, Dino-Boarding
JUVENILE EASY Wunderli Wunderli, Stephen, Little Boo
 Juvenile Fiction
JUVENILE FICTION Anderson Anderson, M. T. He laughed with his other mouths
JUVENILE FICTION Baker Baker, E. D. The fairy-tale matchmaker
JUVENILE FICTION Berry Berry, Julie, The scandalous sisterhood of Prickwillow Place
JUVENILE FICTION Black Black, Holly, The iron trial
JUVENILE FICTION Black Black, Peter Jay. Urban outlaws
JUVENILE FICTION Dear Gregory, Kristiana. Across the wide and lonesome prairie :;the Oregon Trail diary of Hattie Campbell
JUVENILE FICTION Dowell Dowell, Frances O'Roark, Anybody shining
JUVENILE FICTION Funke Funke, Cornelia Caroline. Emma and the blue genie
JUVENILE FICTION Gaiman Gaiman, Neil. Hansel & Gretel :;a Toon graphic
JUVENILE FICTION Gantos Gantos, Jack. The key that swallowed Joey Pigza
JUVENILE FICTION Gregg Gregg, Stacy. The princess and the foal
JUVENILE FICTION Hale Hale, Shannon. The princess in black
JUVENILE FICTION Harrell Harrell, Rob, Life of Zarf :;the trouble with weasels
JUVENILE FICTION Krossing Krossing, Karen, Bog
JUVENILE FICTION Leavitt Leavitt, Martine, Blue mountain
JUVENILE FICTION Martin Martin, Ann M., The Doll people set sail
JUVENILE FICTION Martin Martin, Ann M., Rain reign
JUVENILE FICTION McFarlane McFarlane, Brian, Peter Puck and the runaway Zamboni machine
JUVENILE FICTION Meadows Meadows, Daisy, Natalie the Christmas stocking fairy
JUVENILE FICTION Riordan Riordan, Rick. The blood of Olympus
JUVENILE FICTION Sage Sage, Angie, Pathfinder
JUVENILE FICTION Watts Watts, Frances. Extraordinary Ernie & Marvelous Maud :;the middle sheep
JUVENILE FICTION Yaccarino Yaccarino, Dan, Delivery of doom
JUVENILE FICTION Yolen Yolen, Jane, Centaur rising