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New Children's Books (August, 2014)

 Board Books
BOARD BOOK Green Green, Rod Giant vehicles
 Flood Fund Books
FLOOD FUND JUVENILE 398.2 Perl Perl, Erica S. Goatilocks and the three bears
FLOOD FUND JUVENILE EASY Bland Bland, Nick, The very cranky bear
FLOOD FUND JUVENILE EASY Carnesi Carnesi, Mônica. Sleepover with Beatrice & Bear
FLOOD FUND JUVENILE EASY Freeman Freeman, Don, A pocket for Corduroy :;story and pictures
FLOOD FUND JUVENILE EASY Gaiman Gaiman, Neil. Chu's first day of school
FLOOD FUND JUVENILE EASY Gall Gall, Chris, Dog vs. Cat
FLOOD FUND JUVENILE EASY Helakoski Helakoski, Leslie, Big pigs
FLOOD FUND JUVENILE EASY Huneck Huneck, Stephen. Sally goes to heaven
FLOOD FUND JUVENILE EASY Lacamara Lacámara, Laura. Dalia's wondrous hair
FLOOD FUND JUVENILE EASY Latimer Latimer, Alex, Pig and small
FLOOD FUND JUVENILE EASY Ray Ray, Mary Lyn. Deer dancer
FLOOD FUND JUVENILE EASY Sherry Sherry, Kevin, Turtle Island
FLOOD FUND JUVENILE EASY Smallman Smallman, Steve. Scowl
FLOOD FUND JUVENILE EASY Stoeke Stoeke, Janet Morgan, Oh no! a fox!
 Juvenile Non-Fiction
JUVENILE 031.02 Morse
Scholastic book of world records
JUVENILE 031.02 Old
The old farmer's almanac just for kids
JUVENILE 306.9 Thornhill Thornhill, Jan. I found a dead bird :;the kids' guide to the cycle of life & death
JUVENILE 363.17 Arat Arato, Rona. Fukushima nuclear disaster
JUVENILE 363.34 Peppas Peppas, Lynn. Superstorm Sandy
JUVENILE 371.822095491 Doeden Doeden, Matt, Malala Yousafzai :;shot by the Taliban, still fighting for equal education
JUVENILE 500 Furgang Furgang, Kathy. Fact or fib? 2 :;a challenging game of true or false
JUVENILE 500 Furgang Furgang, Kathy. Fact or fib? :;a challenging game of true or false
JUVENILE 509 Bryson Bryson, Bill. A really short history of nearly everything
JUVENILE 530.078 Mercer Mercer, Bobby, Junk drawer physics :;50 awesome experiments that don't cost a thing
JUVENILE 541.361 Kyi Kyi, Tanya Lloyd, 50 burning questions :;a sizzling history of fire
JUVENILE 552 Rocks
Rocks & minerals of the world
JUVENILE 560.92 Aronson Aronson, Marc, The griffin and the dinosaur :;how Adrienne Mayor discovered a fascinating link between myth and science
JUVENILE 573.88 Jenkins Jenkins, Steve, Eye to eye :;how animals see the world
JUVENILE 574.92 Underwater
Underwater world
JUVENILE 576.8 Gamlin Gamlin, Linda. Evolution
JUVENILE 591.47 Johnson Johnson, Rebecca L. When lunch fights back :;wickedly clever animal defenses
JUVENILE 596 Parker Parker, Steve, Skeleton
JUVENILE 598.72 Riggs Riggs, Kate Woodpecker
JUVENILE 599.2 Bishop Bishop, Nic, Marsupials
JUVENILE 599.47 Markle Markle, Sandra, The case of the vanishing little brown bats :;a scientific mystery
JUVENILE 609 Swerling Swerling, Lisa. How nearly everything was invented . . . by the brainwaves
JUVENILE 613.6903 Borgenicht Borgenicht, David. The worst-case scenario survive-o-pedia :;junior edition
JUVENILE 614.47 Hand Hand, Carol, Vaccines
JUVENILE 617.6009 Ichord Ichord, Loretta Frances. Toothworms & spider juice :;an illustrated history of dentistry
JUVENILE 625.1 Coiley Coiley, John. Train
JUVENILE 636.7 Jenkins Jenkins, Steve, Dogs and cats
JUVENILE 745.5 Maletsky Maletsky, Sophie, Sticky fingers :;DIY duct tape projects
JUVENILE 759.13 Burleigh Burleigh, Robert. Edward Hopper paints his world
JUVENILE 782.421599 Murphy Murphy, Claire Rudolf. My country, 'tis of thee :;how one song reveals the history of civil rights
JUVENILE 791.53 Bryan Bryan, Ashley, Ashley Bryan's puppets :;making something from everything
JUVENILE 796.334 Baddiel Baddiel, Ivor. Ultimate soccer
JUVENILE 796.357646 Doeden Doeden, Matt. The World Series :;baseball's biggest stage
JUVENILE 811 Greenberg Greenberg, David Super silly school poems
JUVENILE 811 Latham Latham, Irene. Dear Wandering Wildebeest :;and other poems from the Water Hole
JUVENILE 929.7 Beccia Beccia, Carlyn. The raucous royals :;test your royal wits : crack codes, solve mysteries, and deduce which royal rumors are true
JUVENILE 935 Price Price, Massoume. Ancient Iran
JUVENILE 973.3 Women
Women in the American Revolution
JUVENILE 973.34 Hambucken Hambucken, Denis. Soldier of the American Revolution
JUVENILE 973.741 Hambucken Hambucken, Denis. Union soldier of the American Civil War
JUVENILE 973.742 Hambucken Hambucken, Denis. Confederate soldier of the American Civil War :;[a visual reference]
JUVENILE BIOGRAPHY 92 Disney Scollon, Bill, Walt Disney :;drawn from imagination
 Juvenile Comics
JUVENILE COMIC McCormick McCormick, Scott, Mr. Pants :;it's go time!
JUVENILE COMIC Plumeri Plumeri, Arnaud, Dinosaurs.;#2,;Bite of the Albertosaurus
JUVENILE COMIC Telgemeier Telgemeier, Raina, Sisters
 Juvenile Easy
JUVENILE EASY Alexander Alexander, Rilla. The best book in the world
JUVENILE EASY Andrews Andrews, Julie, The very fairy princess :;graduation girl!
JUVENILE EASY APERBACK COLLECTION Berenstain Berenstain, Stan, The Berenstain bears and too much vacation
JUVENILE EASY Appelt Appelt, Kathi, Mogie :;the heart of the house
JUVENILE EASY Auerbach Auerbach, Adam, Edda :;a little Valkyrie's first day of school
JUVENILE EASY Badescu Badescu, Ramona, Pomelo's big adventure
JUVENILE EASY Baker Baker, Keith, Little green peas :;a big book of colors
JUVENILE EASY Becker Becker, Bonny, A library book for Bear
JUVENILE EASY Bottner Bottner, Barbara. Miss Brooks' Story Nook
JUVENILE EASY Brannen Brannen, Sarah S., Madame Martine
JUVENILE EASY Brown Brown, Peter, My teacher is a monster! (no, I am not)
JUVENILE EASY Browne Browne, Anthony, What if ...?
JUVENILE EASY Campbell Campbell, Scott, Hug machine
JUVENILE EASY Castillo Castillo, Lauren, The troublemaker
JUVENILE EASY Cohen Cohen, Jeff Eva and Sadie and the worst haircut ever!
JUVENILE EASY Coombs Coombs, Kate. The tooth fairy wars
JUVENILE EASY Delaporte Delaporte, Bérengère, Superfab saves the day
JUVENILE EASY Diesen Diesen, Deborah, The pout-pout fish goes to school
JUVENILE EASY DiPucchio DiPucchio, Kelly. Dog days of school
JUVENILE EASY DiPucchio DiPucchio, Kelly. Gaston
JUVENILE EASY Droyd Droyd, Ann. Goodnight iPad :;a parody for the next generation
JUVENILE EASY Duddle Duddle, Jonny. Gigantosaurus
JUVENILE EASY Durand Durand, Hallie. Catch that cookie!
JUVENILE EASY Farrell Farrell, Darren, Darren Farrell presents Thank you, Octopus
JUVENILE EASY Feiffer Feiffer, Jules, Rupert can dance
JUVENILE EASY Fischer Fischer, Ellen, If an armadillo went to a restaurant
JUVENILE EASY Fox Fox, Mem, Baby bedtime
JUVENILE EASY Ganz-Schmitt Ganz-Schmitt, Sue, Planet Kindergarten
JUVENILE EASY Goodrich Goodrich, Carter, Mister Bud wears the cone
JUVENILE EASY Hale Hale, Bruce. Big Bad Baby
JUVENILE EASY Hayes Hayes, Joe. My pet rattlesnake
JUVENILE EASY Hemingway Hemingway, Edward, Bad Apple's perfect day
JUVENILE EASY Hernandez Hernandez, Leeza, Cat napped!
JUVENILE EASY Hibbs Hibbs, Gillian, Tilly's staycation
JUVENILE EASY Isadora Isadora, Rachel, Jake at gymnastics
JUVENILE EASY Johnston Johnston, Tony, Winter is coming
JUVENILE EASY Kaplan Kaplan, Bruce Eric, Meaniehead
JUVENILE EASY Kenney Kenney, Sean. Cool castles
JUVENILE EASY Kishira Kishira, Mayuko, Who's next door
JUVENILE EASY Kohara Kohara, Kazuno, The Midnight Library
JUVENILE EASY Kulling Kulling, Monica. The Tweedles go electric
JUVENILE EASY Latimer Latimer, Miriam, Dear panda
JUVENILE EASY Lies Lies, Brian, Bats in the band
JUVENILE EASY Low Low, William. Daytime nighttime
JUVENILE EASY Maizes Maizes, Sarah. On my way to school
JUVENILE EASY Manning Manning, Jane, Millie Fierce sleeps out
JUVENILE EASY McGinty McGinty, Alice B., Rabbi Benjamin's buttons
JUVENILE EASY McPhail McPhail, David, Andrew draws
JUVENILE EASY Palatini Palatini, Margie. No nap! Yes nap!
JUVENILE EASY Parr Parr, Todd, It's okay to make mistakes
JUVENILE EASY Pernice Pernice, Clare, Circus Girl :;a story of make-believe
JUVENILE EASY Polacco Polacco, Patricia. Mr. Wayne's masterpiece
JUVENILE EASY Raschka Raschka, Christopher, Give and take
JUVENILE EASY READER Hills Hills, Tad, Drop it, Rocket!
JUVENILE EASY Rolli Rolli, Jennifer Hansen, Just one more
JUVENILE EASY Roques Roques, Dominique. Sleep tight, Anna Banana!
JUVENILE EASY Rosenthal Rosenthal, Amy Krouse. Uni the unicorn
JUVENILE EASY Ryan Ryan, Pam Muñoz. Tony Baloney :;buddy trouble
JUVENILE EASY Samuels Samuels, Barbara. Fred's beds
JUVENILE EASY Schmid Schmid, Paul. Oliver and his egg
JUVENILE EASY Schofield-Morrison Schofield-Morrison, Connie. I got the rhythm
JUVENILE EASY Shea Shea, Bob, Dinosaur vs. school
JUVENILE EASY Staake Staake, Bob, My pet book
JUVENILE EASY Stein Stein, David Ezra, I'm my own dog
JUVENILE EASY Todd Todd, Mark, Food trucks!
JUVENILE EASY Viorst Viorst, Judith. Alexander, who's trying his best to be the best boy ever
JUVENILE EASY Whamond Whamond, Dave Oddrey Joins the Tea
JUVENILE EASY Willems Willems, Mo. My new friend is so fun!
JUVENILE EASY Won Won, Brian. Hooray for hat!
JUVENILE EASY Wood Wood, Douglas, When a grandpa says I love you
JUVENILE EASY Wright Wright, Johanna, The orchestra pit
JUVENILE EASY Yoon Yoon, Salina, Penguin and Pumpkin
 Juvenile Fiction
JUVENILE FICTION Allen Allen, Elise Autumn's secret gif
JUVENILE FICTION Anders Anders, Lou, Frostborn
JUVENILE FICTION Anderson Anderson, John David, Minion
JUVENILE FICTION Barrows Barrows, Annie. Ivy + Bean take the case
JUVENILE FICTION Becker Becker, Suzy, Kate the great :;except when she's not
JUVENILE FICTION Bodeen Bodeen, S. A. Shipwreck island
JUVENILE FICTION Cummings Cummings, Troy, Attack of the shadow smashers
JUVENILE FICTION Cummings Cummings, Troy, Chomp of the meat-eating vegetables
JUVENILE FICTION Cummings Cummings, Troy. Day of the night crawlers
JUVENILE FICTION Cummings Cummings, Troy. Rise of the balloon goons
JUVENILE FICTION Dahl Dahl, Roald. The magic finger
JUVENILE FICTION Dashner Dashner, James, The blade of shattered hope
JUVENILE FICTION Dashner Dashner, James, The hunt for dark infinity
JUVENILE FICTION Dashner Dashner, James, The journal of curious letters
JUVENILE FICTION Dashner Dashner, James, The void of mist and thunder
JUVENILE FICTION DiCamillo DiCamillo, Kate. Leroy Ninker saddles up
JUVENILE FICTION Dulemba Dulemba, Elizabeth O., A bird on water street
JUVENILE FICTION Graff Graff, Lisa Absolutely almost
JUVENILE FICTION Grove Grove, S. E., The glass sentence
JUVENILE FICTION Harrison Harrison, Paula, The golden shell
JUVENILE FICTION Hess Hess, B F Legends of Lynques
JUVENILE FICTION Huser Huser, Glen, The elevator ghost
JUVENILE FICTION Johnson Johnson, Peter, The life and times of Benny Alvarez
JUVENILE FICTION Johnson Johnson, Varian, The great Greene heist
JUVENILE FICTION Kloepfer Kloepfer, John. Galaxy's most wanted
JUVENILE FICTION Krulik Krulik, Nancy E., Burp or treat...smell my feet!
JUVENILE FICTION Lawrence Lawrence, Caroline. The slave-girl from Jerusalem
JUVENILE FICTION Lawson Lawson, Jessica. The actual & truthful adventures of Becky Thatcher
JUVENILE FICTION Lego Landers, Ace, Yoda's secret missions
JUVENILE FICTION Levy Levy, Dana Alison. The misadventures of the family Fletcher
JUVENILE FICTION Look Look, Lenore, Alvin Ho :;allergic to the Great Wall, the Forbidden Palace, and other tourist attractions
JUVENILE FICTION Magaziner Magaziner, Lauren. The only thing worse than witches
JUVENILE FICTION McCreely McCreely, Havelock, My zombie hamster
JUVENILE FICTION McDonald McDonald, Megan, Judy Moody, mood Martian
JUVENILE FICTION Meddaugh White, Jamie, Teacher's pet
JUVENILE FICTION Mezrich Mezrich, Ben, Bringing down the mouse
JUVENILE FICTION Moulton Moulton, Erin E. Chasing the Milky Way
JUVENILE FICTION Parenteau Parenteau, Shirley, Ship of dolls
JUVENILE FICTION Patterson Patterson, James, Save Rafe!
JUVENILE FICTION Pattison Pattison, Darcy Kell, the alien
JUVENILE FICTION Roy Roy, Carter, The blood guard
JUVENILE FICTION Rundell Rundell, Katherine, Cartwheeling in thunderstorms
JUVENILE FICTION Schanen Schanen, Adriana Brad. Quinny & Hopper
JUVENILE FICTION Sorel Sorel, Edward, Johnny-on-the-spot
JUVENILE FICTION Tashjian Tashjian, Janet. My life as a joke
JUVENILE FICTION Watson Watson, Jude, Loot :;how to steal a fortune
Girl Scout Books
SCOUTING 369.463 Girl 8310 Martin, Jana. How to guide Girl Scout Juniors on Agent of change
SCOUTING 369.463 How 0875
How to guide Girl Scout Cadettes on MEdia
 Spanish Books
SPANISH FLOOD FUND BOARD BOOK Rathmann Rathmann, Peggy. Buenas noches gorila
Clifford :;el gran diccionario