New Children's Books (September, 2014)

 Juvenile Non-Fiction  
JUVENILE 001.944 LewisLewis, J. Patrick.M is for monster :;a fantastic creatures alphabet
JUVENILE 591.392 HalfmannHalfmann, Janet,Animal teachers
JUVENILE 595.7 AlbeeAlbee, Sarah.Bugged :;how insects changed history
JUVENILE 595.796 BeechBeech, Linda.Scholastic's The magic school bus gets ants in its pants :;a book about ants
JUVENILE 598.71 SillSill, Cathryn P.,About parrots :;a guide for children
JUVENILE 614.49 PetersPeters, Marilee,Patient zero :;solving the mysteries of deadly epidemics
JUVENILE 636.70887 NewmanNewman, Aline Alexander.How to speak dog :;a guide to decoding dog language
JUVENILE 746.92023 WoosterWooster, Patricia.So, you want to work in fashion? :;how to break into the world of fashion and design
JUVENILE 759.13 CloseClose, Chuck,Face book
JUVENILE 759.972 RubinRubin, Susan Goldman.Diego Rivera :;an artist for the people
JUVENILE 782.421642 NeriNeri, Greg,Hello, I'm Johnny Cash
JUVENILE 791.0680284 DavisDavis, Kathryn,Mr. Ferris and his wheel
JUVENILE 796.357 WinterWinter, Jonah,Joltin' Joe DiMaggio
JUVENILE 952.02 OsborneOsborne, Mary Pope,Ninjas and samurai :;a nonfiction companion to Magic tree house #5 : Night of the ninjas
JUVENILE 971.91 MeissnerMeissner, DavidCall of the Klondike :;a true gold rush adventure
JUVENILE 973.922 O'ReillyO'Reilly, Bill.Kennedy's last days :;the assassination that defined a generation
JUVENILE 974.402 GreenwoodGreenwood, Mark,The Mayflower
JUVENILE BIOGRAPHY 92 WilderMcDonough, Yona Zeldis,Little author in the big woods :;a biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder
 Juvenile Comics  
JUVENILE COMIC HaleHale, Nathan,One dead spy :;the life, times, and last words of Nathan Hale, America's most famous spy
JUVENILE COMIC HayesHayes, Geoffrey.Benny and Penny in Lost and found :;a Toon book
JUVENILE COMIC PastisPastis, Stephan,The croc ate my homework :;[a Pearls before swine collection]
JUVENILE COMIC PeircePeirce, Lincoln,Big Nate, Mr. Popularity
JUVENILE COMIC PommauxPommaux, Yvan,Theseus and the Minotaur
JUVENILE COMPACT DISC FICTION BlackBlack, Holly.Doll bones;[sound recording]
 Juvenile Easy  
JUVENILE EASY BaileyBailey, Linda,If kids ruled the world
JUVENILE EASY BijsterboschBijsterbosch, AnitaWhose Hat Is That
JUVENILE EASY BinghamBingham, Kelly L.,Circle, square, Moose
JUVENILE EASY CastilloCastillo, Lauren,Nana in the city
JUVENILE EASY ChaudChaud, Benjamin,The bear's sea escape
JUVENILE EASY CiraoloCiraolo, Simona,Hug me
JUVENILE EASY ClantonClanton, Ben,Rex wrecks it!
JUVENILE EASY CorderoyCorderoy, Tracey,Just right for two
JUVENILE EASY DahlDahl, Michael,Goodnight football
JUVENILE EASY DavisDavis, JonSmall Blue and the deep dark night
JUVENILE EASY DePaolaDePaola, Tomie,Jack
JUVENILE EASY DicmasDicmas, Courtney,The great googly moogly
JUVENILE EASY DillonDillon, Leo,If kids ran the world
JUVENILE EASY FearingFearing, Mark,The great Thanksgiving escape
JUVENILE EASY FoxFox, Diane,The cat, the dog, Little Red, the exploding eggs, the wolf, and Grandma
JUVENILE EASY GorbachevGorbachev, Valeri,Cats are cats
JUVENILE EASY HatkeHatke, Ben,Julia's house for lost creatures
JUVENILE EASY HawkesHawkes, Kevin,Remy and Lulu
JUVENILE EASY JonesJones, Ursula.The princess who had no kingdom
JUVENILE EASY KarasKaras, G. Brian,As an oak tree grows
JUVENILE EASY KootstraKootstra, KaraBoy in Number Fou
JUVENILE EASY LightLight, Kelly,Louise loves art
JUVENILE EASY LumLum, Kate.Princesses are not just pretty
JUVENILE EASY MackMack, Jeff,Duck in the fridge
JUVENILE EASY ManzioneManzione, LisaLet's Visit St. Petersburg
JUVENILE EASY MartinMartin, Emily Winfield,Day dreamers :;a journey of imagination
JUVENILE EASY MathersMathers, Petra,When Aunt Mattie got her wings
JUVENILE EASY McClurkanMcClurkan, Rob,Aw, nuts!
JUVENILE EASY McMullanMcMullan, Kate.I'm brave!
JUVENILE EASY NovakNovak, B. J.,The book with no pictures
JUVENILE EASY OrloffOrloff, Karen Kaufman.I wanna go home
JUVENILE EASY PhelanPhelan, Matt,Druthers
JUVENILE EASY RayRay, Mary Lyn,Go to sleep, little farm
JUVENILE EASY RichardsRichards, Dan,The problem with not being scared of monsters
JUVENILE EASY RivoalRivoal, Marine,Three little peas
JUVENILE EASY RobertsRoberts, Justin,The smallest girl in the smallest grade
JUVENILE EASY RoscoeRoscoe, Lily,The night parade
JUVENILE EASY RosenRosen, Michael J.,The forever flowers
JUVENILE EASY Russell-BrownRussell-Brown, Katheryn,Little Melba and her big trombone
JUVENILE EASY SeussSeuss,Horton and the Kwuggerbug and more lost stories
JUVENILE EASY SurovecSurovec, Yasmine,A bed for Kitty
JUVENILE EASY SuttonSutton, Sally,Construction
JUVENILE EASY SwensonSwenson, Jamie.If you were a dog
JUVENILE EASY ViorstViorst, Judith,And two boys booed
JUVENILE EASY WilsonWilson, Karma,Bear sees colors
 Juvenile Fiction  
JUVENILE FICTION AdlerAdler, David A.Cam Jansen and the joke house mystery
JUVENILE FICTION AlvarezAlvarez, Jennifer Lynn,Starfire
JUVENILE FICTION AmericanAdler, Susan S.,Manners and mischief :;a Samantha classic.;Volume 1
JUVENILE FICTION AmericanBerne, Emma Carlson.The roar of the falls :;my journey with Kaya
JUVENILE FICTION AmericanErnst, Kathleen,Captain of the ship :;a Caroline classic.;volume 1
JUVENILE FICTION AmericanErnst, Kathleen,Catch the wind :;my journey with Caroline
JUVENILE FICTION AmericanErnst, Kathleen,Facing the enemy :;a Caroline classic.;volume 2
JUVENILE FICTION AmericanFalligant, Erin,The lilac tunnel :;my journey with Samantha
JUVENILE FICTION AmericanGreene, Jacqueline Dembar.The glow of the spotlight :;my journey with Rebecca
JUVENILE FICTION AmericanGreene, Jacqueline Dembar.Lights, camera, Rebecca! :;a Rebecca classic.;Volume 2
JUVENILE FICTION AmericanGreene, Jacqueline Dembar.The sound of applause :;a Rebecca classic.;Volume 1
JUVENILE FICTION AmericanMcDonald, Megan.The big break :;a Julie classic.;Volume 1
JUVENILE FICTION AmericanMcDonald, Megan.A brighter tomorrow :;my journey with Julie
JUVENILE FICTION AmericanMcDonald, Megan.Soaring high :;a Julie classic;Volume 2
JUVENILE FICTION AmericanPatrick, Denise Lewis,A new beginning :;my journey with Addy
JUVENILE FICTION AmericanPorter, Connie Rose,Finding freedom :;an Addy classic.;Volume 1
JUVENILE FICTION AmericanPorter, Connie Rose,A heart full of hope :;an Addy classic.;Volume 2
JUVENILE FICTION AmericanShaw, Janet Beeler,The journey begins :;a Kaya classic.;Volume 1
JUVENILE FICTION AmericanShaw, Janet Beeler,Smoke on the wind
JUVENILE FICTION AmericanTripp, Valerie,Full speed ahead :;my journey with Kit
JUVENILE FICTION AmericanTripp, Valerie,Lost and found :;a Samantha classic.;Volume 2
JUVENILE FICTION AmericanTripp, Valerie,Read all about it! :;a Kit classic.;volume 1
JUVENILE FICTION AmericanTripp, Valerie,Second chances :;a Josefina classic.;Volume 2
JUVENILE FICTION AmericanTripp, Valerie,Sunlight and shadows :;a Josefina classic.;volume 1
JUVENILE FICTION AmericanTripp, Valerie,Turning things around :;a Kit classic.;Volume 2
JUVENILE FICTION BarnhillBarnhill, Kelly Regan.The witch's boy
JUVENILE FICTION BarrowsBarrows, Annie,Magic in the mix
JUVENILE FICTION BerryBerry, Julie,The scandalous sisterhood of Prickwillow Place
JUVENILE FICTION BirneyBirney, Betty G.Humphrey's really wheely racing day
JUVENILE FICTION BurleightBurleigh, Robert.The secret of the great Houdini
JUVENILE FICTION CarvellCarvell, Tim,Return to Planet Tad
JUVENILE FICTION CavanaughCavanaugh, Nancy J.Always, Abigail
JUVENILE FICTION CheaneyCheaney, J. B.Somebody on this bus is going to be famous
JUVENILE FICTION CummingsCummings, Troy,Whack of the P-rex
JUVENILE FICTION CurtisCurtis, Christopher Paul,The madman of Piney Woods
JUVENILE FICTION EhrlichEhrlich, Esther,Nest
JUVENILE FICTION FienbergFienberg, Anna.Minton goes! :;sailing & flying
JUVENILE FICTION FriedmanFriedman, Laurie B.,Mallory McDonald, baby expert
JUVENILE FICTION FryFry, Michael,King Karl
JUVENILE FICTION GaleGale, Eric Kahn,The Zoo at the Edge of the World
JUVENILE FICTION GiffGiff, Patricia Reilly.The garden monster
JUVENILE FICTION GlewweGlewwe, Eleanor.Sparkers
JUVENILE FICTION HolmHolm, Jennifer L.,The fourteenth goldfish
JUVENILE FICTION HooverHoover, P. J.Tut :;the story of my immortal life
JUVENILE FICTION HughesHughes, Shirley,Digby O'Day in the fast lane
JUVENILE FICTION HunterHunter, Erin.Bramblestar's storm
JUVENILE FICTION KrosoczkaKrosoczka, Jarrett,Lunch Lady and the schoolwide scuffle
JUVENILE FICTION LarsonLarson, Kirby,Dash
JUVENILE FICTION LockwoodLockwood, Vicki,The magnificent Lizzie Brown and the mysterious phantom
JUVENILE FICTION LupicaLupica, Mike,Fantasy league
JUVENILE FICTION LynchLynch, Chris,Dead in the water
JUVENILE FICTION MilfordMilford, Kate.Greenglass House
JUVENILE FICTION PerkinsPerkins, Lynne Rae.Nuts to you
JUVENILE FICTION PilkeyPilkey, Dav,The adventures of Super Diaper Baby :;the first epic novel
JUVENILE FICTION PilkeyPilkey, Dav,Captain Underpants and the tyrannical retaliation of the Turbo Toilet 2000
JUVENILE FICTION RoyRoy, Ron,December dog
JUVENILE FICTION RoyRoy, Ron,New Year's Eve thieves
JUVENILE FICTION RoyRoy, Ron,November night
JUVENILE FICTION RuschRusch, Elizabeth,Muddy Max :;the mystery of Marsh Creek
JUVENILE FICTION RussellRussell, Rachel Renée,Tales from a not-so-happily ever after
JUVENILE FICTION SchulzSchulz, Heidi,Hook's revenge
JUVENILE FICTION ScieszkaScieszka, Jon,Frank Einstein and the antimatter motor
JUVENILE FICTION ShullShull, Megan.The swap
JUVENILE FICTION StoutStout, Shawn K.,Penelope Crumb is mad at the moon
JUVENILE FICTION TakTak, Bibi DumonMikis and the donke
JUVENILE FICTION ThirtyKorman, Gordon,Flashpoint
JUVENILE FICTION Van DraanenVan Draanen, Wendelin.Sammy Keyes and the kiss goodbye
JUVENILE FICTION VawterVawter, Vince.Paperboy
JUVENILE FICTION WarnerWarner, Gertrude Chandler,The mystery of the grinning gargoyle
JUVENILE FICTION WarnerWarner, Gertrude Chandler,The mystery of the soccer snitch