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New Non-Fiction Books (November, 2014)

025.1 Curzon Curzon, Susan Carol, What every library director should know
031.02 McNeal McNeal, Cary, Are you sh*tting me? :;1,004 facts that will scare the sh*t out of you
133.43 Howe
The Penguin book of witches
152.41 Krznaric Krznaric, Roman, Empathy :;why it matters, and how to get it
153.15 Carey Carey, Benedict, How we learn :;the surprising truth about when, where, and why it happens
204 Harris Harris, Sam, Waking up :;a guide to spirituality without religion
211.8 Brewster
Atheists in America
232 Carroll Carroll, James, Christ actually :;the Son of God for the secular age
269.2092 Wacker Wacker, Grant, America's pastor :;Billy Graham and the shaping of a nation
277.3 Turner Turner, Matthew Paul, Our great big American God :;a short history of our ever-growing deity
303.485 Rodin Rodin, Judith. The resilience dividend :;being strong in a world where things go wrong
305.23 Griffiths Griffiths, Jay. A country called childhood :;children and the exuberant world
305.235 Deurlein Deurlein, Rebecca. Teenagers 101 :;what a top teacher wishes you knew about helping your kid succeed
306.0947 Pomerantsev Pomerantsev, Peter, Nothing is true and everything is possible :;the surreal heart of the new Russia
306.768 McBee McBee, Thomas Page, Man alive :;a true story of violence, forgiveness and becoming a man
320.097309046 Darman Darman, Jonathan. Landslide :;LBJ and Ronald Reagan at the dawn of a new America
320.9730905 Ryan Ryan, Paul, The way forward :;renewing the American idea
330 Chang Chang, Ha-Joon. Economics :;the user's guide
332.7 Halpern Halpern, Jake, Bad paper :;chasing debt from Wall Street to the underworld
355.0092273 McCain McCain, John, Thirteen soldiers :;a personal history of Americans at war
355.033073 Rothkopf Rothkopf, David J. National insecurity :;American leadership in an age of fear
362 Peinkofer Peinkofer, J. Losing patience :;the problems, alarms and psychological issues of shaken baby syndrome
363.46 Pollitt Pollitt, Katha, Pro :;reclaiming abortion rights
364.1066 Conway Conway, J. North Queen of thieves :;the true story of Marm Mandelbaum and her gangs of New York
364.1092 Swanson Swanson, Doug J., Blood aces :;the wild ride of Benny Binion, the Texas gangster who created Vegas poker
364.1523 Coe Coe, Alexis, Alice + Freda forever :;a murder in Memphis
364.1523 Safran Safran, John, God'll cut you down :;the tangled tale of a white supremacist, a Black hustler, a murder, and how I lost a year in Mississippi
384.534 Woyke Woyke, Elizabeth. The smartphone :;anatomy of an industry
392.09 Warner Warner, Marina Once upon a time : a short history of fairy tal
398.21 Redfern Redfern, Nicholas, The zombie book :;the encyclopedia of the living dead
500 Munroe Munroe, Randall, What if? :;serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions
530.12 Crease Crease, Robert P., The quantum moment :;how Planck, Bohr, Einstein, and Heisenberg taught us to love uncertainty
559.923 Kaufman Kaufman, Marc, Mars up close :;inside the Curiosity mission
612 Decker Decker, Julie Sondra The Invisible Orientation :;An Introduction to Asexualit
613 Diaz Diaz, Cameron, The body book :;the law of hunger, the science of strength, and other ways to love your amazing body
613.2 Agus Agus, David, A short guide to a long life
613.25 Fuhrman Fuhrman, Joel. Eat to live :;the amazing nutrient-rich program for fast and sustained weight loss
616.8522 Mathew Mathew, Hal. Un-agoraphobic :;overcome anxiety, panic attacks, and agoraphobia for good : a step-by-step plan
616.99449042 Stark Stark, Lizzie. Pandora's DNA :;tracing the breast cancer genes through history, science, and one family tree
635.8 Russell Russell, Stephen The essential guide to cultivating mushrooms :;simple and advanced techniques for growing shiitake, oyster, lion's mane, and maitake mushrooms at home
641.66 Cook
The Cook's illustrated meat book :;the game-changing guide that teaches you how to cook meat and poultry with 425 bulletproof recipes
658.4 Branson Branson, Richard. The Virgin way :;everything I know about leadership
741.51 Pak Pak, Greg, Make comics like the pros :;the inside scoop on how to write, draw, and sell your comic books and graphic novels
741.59 Masterful
Masterful marks :;cartoonists who changed the world
746.434 Eckman Eckman, Edie. Beyond the square crochet motifs :;144 circles, hexagons, triangles, squares, and other unexpected shapes
781.66 Bebergal Bebergal, Peter, Season of the witch :;how the occult saved rock and roll
782.42164092 Cockburn Cockburn, Bruce. Rumours of glory :;a memoir
782.421640922 Rachel Rachel, Daniel, The art of noise :;conversations with great songwriters
782.421644 Ritz Ritz, David. Respect :;the life of Aretha Franklin
782.42166 Bragg Bragg, Rick. Jerry Lee Lewis :;his own story
782.42166 Young Young, Neil, Special deluxe :;[a memoir of life & cars]
787.87164 Santana Santana, Carlos, The universal tone :;bringing my story to light
791.4372 Elwes Elwes, Cary, As you wish :;inconceivable tales from the making of The princess bride
791.4375 Taylor Taylor, Chris, How Star Wars conquered the universe :;the past, present, and future of a multibillion dollar franchise
791.45028 Cavett Cavett, Dick. Brief encounters :;conversations, magic moments, and assorted hijinks
791.4572 Fellowes Fellowes, Jessica, A year in the life of Downton Abbey
796.0874 Shriver Shriver, Timothy, Fully alive :;discovering what matters most
796.962 Howe Howe, Gordie, Mr. Hockey :;my story
796.96264 Laroche Laroche, Stephen, Changing the game :;a history of NHL expansion
799.0207 Heavey Heavey, Bill, You're not lost if you can still see the truck :;the further adventures of America's everyman outdoorsman
808.1 Allen
Mythic delirium
808.3 Casey Casey, John, Beyond the first draft :;the art of fiction
808.83 Pushcart
The Pushcart prize
810.80052 Bohemian
Bohemians, bootleggers, flappers, and swells :;the best of early Vanity fair
811 Berryman Berryman, John, The heart is strange :;new selected poems
811 Fairchild Fairchild, B. H., The blue Buick :;new and selected poems
811 Rosner Rosner, Elizabeth, Gravity
811 Strand Strand, Mark, Collected poems
811 Wiman Wiman, Christian, Once in the West
813.5 Gifford Gifford, Jan Always a pleasure
813.52 Corrigan Corrigan, Maureen, So we read on :;how The Great Gatsby came to be and why it endures
813.6 Brockmeier Brockmeier, Kevin. A Few Seconds of Radiant Filmstrip :;a Memoir of Seventh Grade
814 Hall Hall, Donald, Essays after eighty
814.5408 Best
The Best American essays
823.914 Gaiman Campbell, Hayley, The art of Neil Gaiman
909 Avineri Avineri, Shlomo. Herzl's vision :;Theodor Herzl and the foundation of the Jewish state
910.452 Sides Sides, Hampton. In the kingdom of ice :;the grand and terrible polar voyage of the USS Jeannette
915.0422 Man Man, John, Marco Polo :;The Journey that Changed the World
930.1 Johnson Johnson, Marilyn, Lives in ruins :;archaeologists and the seductive lure of human rubble
942.04 Jones Jones, Dan, The Wars of the Roses :;the fall of the Plantagenets and the rise of the Tudors
942.046 Pitts Pitts, Michael W., Digging for Richard III :;the search for the lost king
956.70443 Bolger Bolger, Daniel P., Why we lost :;a general's inside account of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars
973.0451 Laurino Laurino, Maria, The Italian Americans :;a history
973.932 Todd Todd, Chuck, The stranger :;Barack Obama in the White House
974.38 Stimson Stimson, Ellen, Good grief! :;life in a tiny Vermont village
BIOGRAPHY 92 Fitzgerald Lee, Hermione, Penelope Fitzgerald :;a life
BIOGRAPHY 92 Francis Ivereigh, Austen. The great reformer :;Francis and the making of a radical pope
BIOGRAPHY 92 Hughes Hughes, Gerald, Ted and I :;a brother's memoir
BIOGRAPHY 92 Larkin Booth, James, Philip Larkin :;life, art and love
BIOGRAPHY 92 Stalin Kotkin, Stephen, Stalin.;Volume 1,;Paradoxes of power, 1878-1928
BIOGRAPHY 92 Twain Katz, Harry L., Mark Twain's America :;a celebration in words and images
BIOGRAPHY 92 Victoria Wilson, A. N., Victoria :;a life