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New Non-Fiction Books (December, 2014)

002.09 Cave Cave, Roderick, The history of the book in 100 books
002.0973 Rabinowitz Rabinowitz, Paula, American pulp :;how paperbacks brought modernism to Main Street
004.165 Rosenzweig Rosenzweig, Gary, My iPad
153.35 Bloomston Bloomston, Carrie, The little spark :;30 ways to ignite your creativity
158.12 Harris Harris, Dan, 10% happier :;how I tamed the voice in my head, reduced stress without losing my edge, and found self-help that actually works--a true story
200.956 Russell Russell, Gerard. Heirs to forgotten kingdoms :;journeys into the disappearing religions of the Middle East
202.11 Chopra Chopra, Deepak, The future of god :;a practical approach to spirituality for our times
248 Lamott Lamott, Anne. Small victories :;spotting improbable moments of grace
248.4 Bell Bell, Rob. The zimzum of love :;a new way of understanding marriage
303.372 Taibbi Taibbi, Matt. The divide :;American injustice in the age of the wealth gap
306.7660943155 Beachy Beachy, Robert, Gay Berlin :;birthplace of a modern identity
332.041 Piketty Piketty, Thomas, Capital in the twenty-first century
332.6 Malkiel
A Random walk down Wall Street
343.0946 Driver's
Driver's manual :;passenger vehicles and motorcycles
355.0092 O'Reilly O'Reilly, Bill. Killing Patton :;the strange death of World War II's most audacious general
359.984 Couch Couch, Dick, Navy SEALs :;their untold story
363.32509612 Zuckoff Zuckoff, Mitchell. 13 hours :;the inside account of what really happened in Benghazi
364.106609747245 Deutsch Deutsch, Kevin. The triangle :;a year on the ground with New York's Bloods and Crips
364.15230977328 Lachman Lachman, Charles, Footsteps in the snow
371.3344678 Haber Haber, Jonathan, MOOCs
391.6 Batra Batra, Sumita. The art of Mehndi
500 Orzel Orzel, Chad, Eureka! :;discovering your inner scientist
523.2 North North, Chris How to read the solar system :;a guide to the stars and planets
573.6 Howard Howard, Jules, Sex on earth :;a celebration of animal reproduction
576.8 Nye Nye, Bill Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creatio
577.27 Vince Vince, Gaia. Adventures in the anthropocene :;a journey to the heart of the planet we made
610.73 Holloran Holloran, Patricia. Impaired :;a nurse's story of addiction and recovery
613.7046 Jones Jones, Tara Rachel. It's time for yoga
613.7182 Roberts Roberts, Melanie Stretching
615.532 Dugliss-Wesselman Dugliss-Wesselman, Stacey. The home apothecary :;Cold Spring Apothecary's cookbook of hand-crafted remedies & recipes for the hair, skin, body, and home
616.0473 Cannon Cannon, Christopher P. The anti-inflammation diet
618.178 Rohm Röhm, Elisabeth, Baby steps :;having the child I always wanted (just not as I expected)
618.2 Bhattacharya Bhattacharya, Shaoni, Pregnancy :;the beginner's guide
618.2 Pregnancy
Pregnancy day by day :;an illustrated daily countdown to motherhood, from conception to childbirth and beyond
618.24 Kelly Kelly, Joe, Pregnancy for dads
618.40994 Newman Newman, Lareen A. Better birth :;the definitive guide to childbirth choices
621.31924 Cauldwell Cauldwell, Rex. Wiring a house
621.31924 Hansen Hansen, Douglas. Code check electrical :;an illustrated guide to wiring a safe house
631.27 Kubik Kubik, Rick, Farm fences and gates :;build and repair fences to keep livestock in and pests out
636.5009 Lawler Lawler, Andrew, Why did the chicken cross the world? :;the epic saga of the bird that powers civilization
641.5638 Humphrey Humphrey, Elizabeth King, Gluten-free eating
646.2068 Lindsay Lindsay, Virginia Keleher, Sewing to sell :;the beginner's guide to starting a craft business
646.404 Vanderzeil Vanderzeil, Geneva. DIY fashionista :;40 stylish projects to re-invent and update your wardrobe
646.70082 Handley Handley, Caro. The modern girl's survival guide :;120 life-coaching steps for success with money, career and romance
646.7042 Baxter-Wright Baxter-Wright, Emma. 1001 little ways to look younger
646.7042 Wolfer Wolfer, Alexis, The recipe for radiance :;discover beauty's best-kept secrets in your kitchen
646.72 Houdeck Houdeck, Heather Lee. The herbal bath & body book :;create custom natural products for hair and skin
646.72 Paves Paves, Ken, You are beautiful :;a beauty guide for real women
646.72 Ririnui Ririnui, Jana, Makeup is art :;professional techniques for creating original looks /♯c[Jana Ririnui and] The Academy of Freeland Makeup [contributions by Desmond Murray and six others]
646.72 Robinson Robinson, Andrea Q., Toss the gloss :;beauty tips, tricks & truths for women 50+
646.72 Trew Trew, Sally W., Making natural beauty products
646.724 Worthington Worthington, Charles. The complete book of hairstyling
646.7247Smith Smith, Abby The new braiding handbook :;60 modern twists on the classic hairstyles
646.726 Entrup Entrup, Boris, 10-minute makeup :;50 step-by-step looks from fresh and natural to catwalk chic
646.726 Floyd Floyd, Esme. 1001 little skincare miracles
646.727 Stores Stores, Amber-Elizabeth, Glam nail studio :;tips to create salon-perfect nails
646.77 Page Page, Ken, Deeper dating :;how to drop the games of seduction and discover the power of intimacy
650.1 Harris Harris, Carla A. Strategize to win :;the new way to start out, step up, or start over in your career
650.1 Huffington Huffington, Arianna Stassinopoulos, Thrive :;the third metric to redefining success and creating a life of well-being, wisdom, and wonder
658.3 Friedman Friedman, Ron, The best place to work :;the art and science of creating an extraordinary workplace
684.08 Cory Cory, Steve. Outdoor wood projects :;24 projects you can build in a weekend
684.08342 Baker Baker, Mark, Weekend woodturning projects :;25 simple projects for the home
684.16 Fine
Fine woodworking chests and cabinets
690.0286 Wing Wing, Charles, The visual handbook of energy conservation :;a comprehensive guide to reducing energy use at home
690.837 Carroll Carroll, John The complete visual guide to building a house
693.1 Reed Reed, David, The complete guide to stonescaping :;dry-stacking, mortaring, paving & gardenscaping
698 Siding
Siding, roofing, and trim
702.3 Congdon Congdon, Lisa, Art, Inc. :;the essential guide for building your career as an artist
709.051 Thornton Thornton, Sarah 33 artists in 3 acts
720.22 Wilkinson Wilkinson, Philip. LEGO architecture :;the visual guide
728.37 Cabins
Cabins & cottages and other small spaces
741.5973 McGuire McGuire, Richard. Here
741.5973 Official
The Overstreet comic book price guide
741.5973 Woodring Woodring, Jim, Jim :;Jim Woodring's notorious autojournal
745.5 DK
Made for baby :;more than 50 fabulous gifts for babies
746.46 Kiracofe Kiracofe, Roderick, Unconventional & unexpected :;American quilts below the radar 1950-2000
747 Paper Paper, Heather J. All new decorating idea book
751 Chalfant Chalfant, Henry. Training days :;the subway artists then and now
778.73 Rotman Rotman, Jeffrey L., The last fisherman :;witness to the endangered oceans
782.42166 Jobling Jobling, John, U2 :;the definitive biography
782.42166 Trynka Trynka, Paul. Brian Jones :;the making of the Rolling Stones
791.43028 Keaton Keaton, Diane, Let's just say it wasn't pretty
791.43028 Levy Levy, Shawn, De Niro :;a life
791.43651 Cork Cork, John, James Bond encyclopedia
791.45028 Dunham Dunham, Lena, Not that kind of girl :;a young woman tells you what she's learned
791.4572 Berman Berman, A. S. The Gilmore girls companion
792.76028 Rogak Rogak, Lisa, Angry optimist :;the life and times of Jon Stewart
796 Best
The Best American sports writing
796.09 Steen Steen, Rob, Floodlights and touchlines :;a history of spectator sport
796.332 Parcells Parcells, Bill, Parcells :;a football life
796.334 Rogers Rogers, Robbie. Coming out to play
796.357 Jeter Jeter, Derek, Derek Jeter :;Jeter unfiltered
796.3570922 Russo Russo, Frank, The Cooperstown chronicles :;baseball's colorful characters, unusual lives, and strange demises
796.357640974461 Nowlin Nowlin, Bill, From the Babe to the beards :;the Boston Red Sox in the World Series
796.426 Beresini Beresini, Erin. Off course :;inside the mad, muddy world of obstacle course racing
809 BOMB
BOMB :;the author interviews
811 Belieu Belieu, Erin, Slant Six
811 Vallejo Vallejo, César, Malanga chasing Vallejo :;selected poems
820 Di Prima Di Prima, Diane, The Poetry deal
910.202 Best
The best place to be today :;365 things to do & the perfect day to do them
910.202 Lonely
The world :;a traveller's guide to the planet
910.4 Best
The best American travel writing
910.916309033 Berry Berry, Stephen Russell, A path in the mighty waters :;shipboard life and Atlantic crossings to the New World
940.531 Edsel Edsel, Robert M. The monuments men :;Allied heros, Nazi thieves, and the greatest treasure hunt in history
958.1047 Smith Smith, Graeme, The dogs are eating them now :;our war in Afghanistan
970.00497 Dunbar-Ortiz Dunbar-Ortiz, Roxanne, An indigenous peoples' history of the United States
973.335 Greenburg Greenburg, Michael M. Court-martial of Paul Revere : a son of liberty and America's forgotten military disaster
973.56 Lane Lane, Carl, A nation wholly free :;the elimination of the national debt in the age of Jackson
973.932 Keller Keller, Morton. Obama's time :;a history
974.49400496073 Parham Parham, Kevin. The Vineyard we knew :;a recollection of summers on Martha's Vineyar
BIOGRAPHY 92 House Neu, Charles E. Colonel House :;a biography of Woodrow Wilson's silent partner
BIOGRAPHY 92 Napoleon Roberts, Andrew, Napoleon :;a life
BIOGRAPHY 92 Thompson Thompson, Roger W., My best friend's funeral :;a memoir
BIOGRAPHY 92 Wayne Eliot, Marc. American titan :;searching for John Wayne